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Coty launches its perfume brand. Premium and sustainable

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Coty launches its perfume brand.  Premium and sustainable

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The global perfumery market is expected to grow from the current 48 billion dollars to 69.3 billion in 2030 with an annual growth rate of 5.4%. The increase is driven by the premium segment where green fragrances are very popular.

Following this trend – and to celebrate its 120 years – the American cosmetics group Coty launches its own line of fragrances, Infiniment Coty Paris – DR designed by Sue Nabi, CEO of Coty, and Nicolas Vu, with whom it has already founded the premium skincare brand Orveda, for which Coty holds the license.

Listed since last September on the Paris Stock Exchange, the Coty group, founded in the capital in 1904 by François Coty, returns to its origins: the presentation of the collection of 14 perfumes took place during the Paris fashion shows where the pop-up store where you can buy from March 20th, to which will be added a point of sale in Liberty London on March 24th and a boutique (which will also sell Orveda cosmetics) in New York in the summer.

Infiniment Coty Paris is the first perfume collection produced with alcohol derived from carbon emissions captured through a biofermentation process. One of the three ingredients that compose it together with concentrated perfume and water purified with a process – patent pending – called “molecular aura” capable of modulating the evaporation of the olfactory molecules which manages to preserve the fragrance for up to 30 hours.

In addition to the formula, the packaging is also sustainable: the bottles containing the perfumes are minimal and designed to be stacked. There are no boxes, except a case made of plant fiber.

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