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Cowboy Sadness – Selected Jambient Works Vol. 1

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Cowboy Sadness – Selected Jambient Works Vol. 1

by Oliver on February 10, 2024 in Album

The designated indie all-star combo Cowboy Sadness luxuriates between ambient waking dreams and jam sessions with a feel for great titles. The result is Selected Jambient Works Vol. 1.

The history of Cowboy Sadness begins almost a decade and a half ago, when The Antlers-Head Peter Silberman (who is responsible for Baritone Guitar & Synth here) David Moore from Bing & Ruth (Rhodes & Farfisa) and Nicholas Principe by Port St. Willow (Drums & Synth) were introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance. Since then, the three have worked sporadically on ambient music born out of the jam, and even quite productively between 2017 and 2021.
From almost 20 hours recorded during this period, the band has now – with smarter Aphex Twin-Nod in the title – Selected Jambient Works Vol. 1. distilled.

Even if the framework of the record (with the more generic, but in a more imaginative sense successful Willow and Starcharger as well as the cinematographic sound cosmos The Cowboy Waywhose guitar only vaguely seems like a hopeful alternative Godspeed You! Black Emperor acts, and in the process deepens the post-rock aspect of the album) claims a manageable individuality in the genre, Silberman, Moore and Príncipe sharpen the character of the purely instrumental Selected Jambient Works Vol. 1. in between, quite distinctive – and again and again with the signatures of their original core bands.

Like a fleeting shimmer, the trio shades the ethereal calm of a cosmic dreaming beauty, far above the prairie, opening up a spectrum of wide space, volume and texture, which, however, does not make you feel overwhelmed, but rather you are bathed in it, as holistic as it is scenic .
In Billings, MT After the sunrise, a shy, clacking drum rhythm slowly shifts into a herbal, pulsating trance, a space groove in absolute somnambulistic deceleration. Full Mammoth is a kind of mystical, hopeful drone, but so warm and soft while First Rodeo like a meditatively decelerated reverberation to the patented Antlers-Appears melancholy, leaving the melody rather outlineless. Second Rodeo shimmers cosmically in a wistful flicker, with closed eyes and a gentle smile before Agave as a peaceful guitar hallucination and the jazzy one Grails-Roar Range to wait and see Ten Paces lead.

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The charm of the debut album may always remain vague, but the harmonious, almost clear-looking material can be grasped relatively smoothly without a real Western atmosphere, and not only for ears experienced in ambient music. But the universal accessibility of Selected Jambient Works Vol. 1 does not mean anything arbitrary, but works more like a gateway invitation.

Selected Jambient Works Vol. 1 von Cowboy Sadness

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