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Crackdown on Investment Fraud in the Film and Television Industry: Protecting the Rights of Ordinary Investors

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Crackdown on Investment Fraud in Film Industry
Recently, the Lanzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate and the Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Gansu Province issued a notice to collect clues on a suspected case of film and television investment fraud, involving 4 companies and 12 movies. The suspected fraud amount exceeds 600 million yuan, with more than 3,000 suspected victims. This has sparked concerns among netizens about the safety of investing in movies.

Film and television investment may seem attractive, but it hides a trap to collect money. The fraud gangs screened victims through the promotion of the “fan-attracting” team and recommended film and television projects to them. With high returns, they induced investors to invest in fabricated investment amounts and false investment contracts.

Ordinary people simply cannot master the complex aspects of the film and television industry, making them easy targets for investment fraud. The amounts defrauded by victims range from hundreds of thousands to millions, showing a clear need for more formal investment channels.

The “Film Management Regulations” encourage individuals to participate in film production through funding and investment, but investment fraud not only harms investors but also worsens the industry ecology. It deters truly willing investors and makes normal film financing more difficult.

To address this issue, investors should be cautious and keep their eyes open for highly concealed and cunning film and television investment scams. At the industry supervision level, relevant authorities should strengthen the crackdown on investment fraud and improve the investment process to protect the interests of investors and promote the development of the film and television industry.

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By enhancing industry supervision, cracking down on investment fraud, and closing investment loopholes, the film and television industry can ensure that personal investment plays a more active role in its development. This will provide a peace of mind for ordinary people looking to invest in the industry. (Xiong Zhi)

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