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Cream to create creamy skin without being heavy and not sticky powder moisturizing winter | powder cream | cream muscle | zero pores_Sina Fashion_Sina

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Article source: Aili Fashion Network

Original title: The powder cream creates creamy muscles without being heavy and not sticky, moisturizing the winter

Author: Bai Xiaozhuo

The most troubling thing since winter is dryness, and if you don’t do a good job of moisturizing before makeup, your makeup will become mottled. How to choose a base makeup for winter?

Many people’s impression of powder cream is that it is heavy, but if you use the high concealer and high moisture of the powder cream correctly, it will create a creamy skin with zero pores for you. In addition to powder cream like creamy concealer, blush makeup methods are also universal. Some tips to improve the problem of makeup not sticking to the mask and create a creamy skin.

Melt the paste at the temperature of your hands before use

The most important step in using the powder paste is to rub the paste with your fingers in a circular motion for 20s. Use the heat of your fingers to melt the surface. At this time, the powder cream will become more moisturizing and easier to fit the skin, creating a perfect makeup effect.

Dry skin powder cream drops into essence to enhance moisturizing

If you have dry skin in the desert, you can apply the powder on your hands and add an appropriate amount of moisturizing essence or essential oil to increase the moisturizing degree of the base makeup. Follow-up makeup will be more docile, but also more durable.

Direction of makeup: from the center of the face to the outside

Because the texture of the powder is relatively thick, it is easy to get stuck if you apply it directly to a large area of ​​the face. So the correct way is to powder from the center outwards in a thick-thin way. If it is a pore muscle, apply makeup according to the direction of pore growth. The pores on the cheeks grow downward, so the pores should be filled from the top down, and the nose is the opposite.

Apply with a damp sponge

Because the texture of the powder is not very fluid, it is easy to create brush marks if you use a brush. The best way is to wet the beauty egg or puff, and apply makeup with a tap to better fit the skin and reduce the phenomenon of sticking powder.

A small amount of multiple make-up key positions are superimposed for the second time

No matter what type of base makeup you use, you should use a small amount of time to gradually build up. Including concealer, cream blush, etc., so that the makeup will be lighter and longer lasting.

Moisturizing base makeup for winter makeup:

【Editor’s Choice】

IPSA Infusa Crystal Clear Foundation Cream

Price: RMB 750 / 16 g

Recommended reason: Let the base makeup completely say goodbye to the troubles of sticking powder, fake face and floating powder. In the “Black Crystal Powder Cream”, a variety of luxurious skin care essence ingredients are combined to keep the skin moist and transparent for a long time. The makeup lasts longer and fits better on any skin type.

Amplitude Gold Glow Light Cream

Price: 10.5g/RMB800 (inner core) RMB220 (box)

Why You Need To Go: The combination of two translucent ingredients creates a beautiful complexion by reducing wrinkles and uneven texture and color, giving skin high-quality radiance and firmness.

NARS Matte Clarifying Concealer

Price: 6.2G/RMB 300

Why You Need To Go: Long-lasting moisturizing formula that effectively conceals pores, reduces fine lines, and softens skin. With super coverage, it easily lasts all day.


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