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Create a poetic urban south district, let the masses experience the beauty of culture

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Xinwang News on July 30(Correspondent Wang Wei, Chief Correspondent Yu Xiao) A few days ago, the 2021 5th “Central Music” National Youth Art Exhibition and “Qingdao Music Season” with the theme of “Aesthetic Education First” was launched in Qingdao Shinan District. This is the Central Conservatory of Music since 2017. Since the “Central Music” national youth art exhibition was held in 2005, it is the first time to go out of Beijing and set up the performance in a city other than Beijing. Not long ago, the 2021 China (Qingdao) Art Fair opened in Qingdao. Starting this year, all the projects and activities of the “China Art Fair” sponsored by the China Art Vocational Education Association will all land in Shinan District; tonight, the International (Qingdao) Percussion Performing Arts Center Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony and a special concert will be staged in Qingdao Concert Hall, one after another feast of “beauty”, one after another, good shows will continue.

“As the birthplace of Qingdao’s modern urban culture, Shinan District contains the cultural soul of the’most Qingdao’. Relying on Shinan District’s rich historical and cultural endowments and artistic space carriers, more and more artistic resources, talents and elements are here. The gathering has gradually accumulated the fashionable and agile literary temperament of Shinan District.” said the relevant person in charge of the cultural and tourism department of Shinan District.

In the south of the city, art exhibitions are within reach, poetic life can be seen everywhere, and the concept of aesthetic education takes root and blossoms here.

(Source: Propaganda Department of Shinan District Committee)

Improve cultural soft power

In the midsummer night, with light rain and patters, in front of the Qingdao People’s Hall, citizens have already lined up with umbrellas to enter the venue.

“The cultural atmosphere in the south of the city is particularly good, which meets the thriving demand of the masses for concerts.” Liu Yuxia, deputy director and chief of the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra, introduced that for many years, they have devoted themselves to the cultivation of citizens’ artistic qualities: We have been insisting on concerts for many years. In the years of persistence, the aesthetic ability of the masses has also improved day by day.”

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Huang Daoan, general manager of Hisense Plaza, also feels the same about “cultivation”. In mid-June, the essence of the opera “Carmen”, directed and produced by the Central Opera House, was staged in Hisense Plaza. The relaxed performances and exciting plots all infect the live audience. Listen to classic excerpts from close range and be immersive on the scene. Feeling the charm of the opera, the audience was addicted to it. “Our customers’ acceptance of opera is very high, which is inseparable from our long-term cultivation. We hope that through the creation of an artistic scene atmosphere, we can provide customers with extraordinary sensory experiences and establish emotional links with them. This is our way of accumulating the inner temperament of the enterprise, and it is also a manifestation of meeting the cultural and artistic needs of the citizens, and it also fits the in-depth integration strategy of culture, tourism and commerce in the southern district of the city.” Prior to this, Hisense Plaza also launched themed pop-ups, children’s opera knowledge training, etc. Event, “Call everyone to feel the beauty of life and art with heart.”

(Source: Propaganda Department of Shinan District Committee)

In recent years, Shinan District has strengthened the construction of cultural industries. Beifu Qingdao Fashion Industrial Park, New 100 Industrial Park, New Media Base, Olympic Sailing Cultural Tourism Zone and other platforms gather; here there are climaxes of art events, International Wind Music Art Week, International VR Video Week, Italian Film Week, French Culture Week, etc. The event is forming a brand; here is a gathering of artistic elites, Tan Dun Music Week enhances the fashion style, Matouqin master Qi Baoli Gao played the charming night of the city, at the just-closing “Art Fair”, a large-scale original dance drama “Fen Mo Chun Qiu” “Gorgeously staged, Mr. Li Xincao, chief conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra and honorary head of the Qingdao Concert Hall Symphony Orchestra, came to guide and perform in person. All of this has created a strong artistic atmosphere for Shinan with “performing performances every week, climax every month, and exciting venues”.

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(Source: Propaganda Department of Shinan District Committee)

Since the beginning of this year, focusing on the goal of building the core area of ​​a modern international metropolis, Shinan District has vigorously implemented the “Cultural Soft Power Improvement Project” and the “Badaguan High-end Cultural Gathering Breakthrough Action”, by building a demonstration area for the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings, and constructing the transformation and upgrading of cultural industries. The pioneer zone promotes the development of fashion culture, fashion brand cultivation, and fashion industry incubation in Shinan District, and empowers the entire region’s economic and social development with culture and art. More and more art masters choose to take root in the south of the city, and more and more art activities accumulate in the south of the city.

Satisfy the happiness of the masses

The waves lightly patted the coast, and the melody was melodious with the sound of the piano. In the beautiful corner of Taipingjiao, a “Sunny Beach Style Weekend” courtyard art fair is being held, with guitar playing and singing, erhu solo, cheerful African drums, and loud chorus, bringing visitors an unexpected summer Wonderful enjoyment. On the boardwalk not far from the seashore, “the graceful in the sea breeze”-Qingdao Huayang Auntie shows the new landmark of the city’s Nannet celebrity attraction, attracting many tourists. “This is the graceful beauty under the background of red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky!” Some tourists admired.

(Source: Propaganda Department of Shinan District Committee)

For the people living here, beauty is the pleasure of the senses, the connotation of good, and it is a way of life.

“The cuckoo is crying, singing moving ballads, singing to the sad, forgetting everything…” At the scene of the “Music Red” 100 volunteers flash event, more than 20 autistic patients slapped Djembe brings you the cheerful melody “Cuckoo”, the scene is very moving. Mo Beiqian, the initiator of the event and chairman of Haiyun Music Group, said with a lot of emotion: “Music can most trigger people’s emotions. It is a song that flows in people’s hearts. I hope music can give this special group warmth and healing power. “Mo Beiqian has been engaged in the music industry in Qingdao for more than 30 years, and she can deeply feel that music is becoming a “rigorous need” in people’s lives. eager. “Especially after the epidemic, people’s love and cherishment of life directly drove the rise of the adult musical instrument market. This year, the sales of musical instruments used by adults in the piano store doubled.” Mo Beiqian said.

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“In order to make the brain flexible and not diminished, learning to learn guitar and practising hands, music has brought me happiness and health.” At the event, an 86-year-old man said, “When you have difficulty communicating with your wife and children, you You can tell Qin that this kind of story is never finished.” “No matter what age or status, everyone gathers on the grass and plays the piano. You can’t do it if you don’t want to be happy or not.” The old man said as he said. Haha laughed, full of state.

Shinan District, as the core area of ​​Qingdao and the pioneering area for economic development, is also the birthplace of Qingdao’s modern urban culture. Its most distinctive characteristics are its profound cultural heritage, diverse fashion elements, and strong vitality index. From the timely establishment of the Qindao Musicians Association in Shinan District to the creation of the Music Bar Street in Shinan District, from relaxed and casual jazz to passionate percussion, from art fairs to “Central Music” National Youth Art Exhibition In this, there is the love and respect for art by the people of Shinan, and it also carries the yearning for a better life. Whether it is popular among the masses or high-end niche audiences, different literary and artistic forms flood into the lives of the masses, and the flowers of art bloom everywhere.

Urban development is ultimately to make the citizens living in it happier. As the cultural and artistic atmosphere of Shinan District is becoming stronger, it will certainly provide more artistic nourishment for the people living here, and improve the happiness and sense of gain of the masses.

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