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“Crimes must be resolved in Justice”

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“Crimes must be resolved in Justice”

“We find it interesting that the crimes are resolved in the judicial spherewe came trusting in a judicial process”, affirmed today the governor Arabela Carreras that He did not hide his discomfort at the unconsulted agreement that the national government promoted with Mapuche communities to maintain the “rewe” and build houses in Villa Mascardi.

Carreras wanted to avoid a direct assessment of the agreement by which Nación will build three houses for the machi, her direct collaborators and the people who come to Villa MascardI would receive their services, next to the sacred space determined by the native peoples. But he set his stance by arguing that it should be to continue the legal process to escalate the crimes committed for which members of the lof Lafken Winkul Mapu are accused.

“We do not know the official document of the agreement,” said the governor at a press conference in Bariloche where she participated in the opening of a cybercrime training, which was to be attended by the Minister of Security of the Nation, Aníbal Fernández, but finally absent

The president reiterated what her chief of staff, Pablo Zúcaro, said a few days ago to the RÍO NEGRO newspaper, noting that the province was summoned to the last dialogue table held in Buenos Aires on Thursday, June 1, the same day of the meeting, and wanted to participate virtually but access was not enabled.

“The province of Río Negro, the scenario in which this agreement is produced in provincial territory, was not present. We understand that it was at least a partial dialogue, with a part of the problem that only contemplates a part of the vision that we have there,” said Carreras.

He emphasized that the province appeals for the problem to be resolved in the Federal Justice where the case is being processed and there is an oral trial for the crime of usurpation suspended for 90 business days. “It seems to us that this should continue because we must unravel the criminal issue,” he insisted.

He further added: “The debate is not a pro-Mapuche or anti-Mapuche debate, It would be wrong to raise that debate in that place because there is no animosity nor any look of favoritism when crimes occur.

We want equal treatment before the law and we want the law to be complied with, we trust the Justice, we provide all the necessary documentation in the Justice and we are waiting for the Justice to tell us what happened there, who are responsible for the crimes against people and property”, he emphasized The governor.

Province paid for the demolition in Villa Mascardi

Carreras also expressed his displeasure with Parques Nacionales because “it did not assume responsibility for the destruction of those buildings that constitute a risk to the population, due to the risk of collapse” and affirmed that it is the Province of Río Negro, with own funds and through a tender of the Ministry of Public Works, which carries out the demolition of the ex-hotel and Villa Mascardi and other damaged buildings in the conflict zone before a court order.

The governor made it clear that this task corresponded to the Nation because it deals with properties under its jurisdiction but apparently there was no response and that is why the Federal Justice requests the province to take charge.

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The demolition of the old Mascardi hotel is paid for by the Province of Río Negro despite being owned by National Parks. Photo: Chino Leiva

consulted by black river newspaper If he knew that after the demolition that the province borders, houses would be built on the same property for the machi and her surroundings, Carreras replied: “Not at all, the court order had to do with preventing harm to people due to the state of the buildings”.

The president admitted that after learning about the agreement of the dialogue table through the press, she spoke with some residents of Villa Mascardi affected by acts of violence in the area and that “there is a lot of unrest in the Mascardi area” for that agreement, although he immediately clarified that there are “different visions” of the subject because it is a complex issue.

One of the different visions is that of the mayor Gustavo Gennuso who said days ago that he agreed with the solution proposed by Nación because in his opinion “the machi is recognized” by all the Mapuche people.

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