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Cristina Kirchner was dismissed in a complaint for her vaccination against Covid-19

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Cristina Kirchner was dismissed in a complaint for her vaccination against Covid-19

The vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was dismissed for “absence of crime” in a case in which she had been denounced for alleged irregularities in her vaccination against Covid-19.

The complaint had been made by the leader of Together for Change Yamil Santorowho expressed “suspicions, based on journalistic information” about the way in which Cristina Kirchner was vaccinated in the first stage of the Strategic Vaccination Plan at Hospital Juan Domingo Perón, in the city of Avellaneda.

According to the complaint, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner “could have been part of a scheme to the detriment of the Administration and the assets of the National State, in complicity with national, provincial and municipal officials, tending to obtain a health benefit (the vaccine) that was not theirs”.

“This ruse could have consisted of simulating the quality of the legitimate recipient of the vaccine in accordance with the current health policy and health criteria,” the complaint added.

But the federal judge of La Plata Alejo Ramos Padilla argued that the vice president was considered part of the “Strategic Staff” within the framework of the pandemic and integrated the population groups that had priority in the vaccination scheme.

“It is evident that the vaccination of the vice president of the Nation could not be considered a violation of the regulatory norm”countered the judge in his resolution.

Also, also ruled out the “ruse” hypothesis sustained in the complaint.

“It was the Vice President herself and the then Vice Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Nicolás Kreplak, who They published images and videos of the vaccination on their respective Twitter accounts.”, recalled Ramos Padilla.

“Therefore, it would be absurd sustain that a person who is publicly known and who also displays the moment of his vaccination on his social networks carried out a ruse or deception or simulated a particular quality or category to obtain access to said vaccine, ”he completed.

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The case began as a derivation of the file known as “VIP vaccination” and it reached the federal Justice of La Plata after the judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti resolve to “extract testimonies” (initiate an investigation before another court) in the file that is being processed in his court.

With information from Argentine News

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