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Cross talk performance artist Jiang Baolin dies at the age of 95 and once worshipped Ma Sanli as his teacher

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Original title: Crosstalk performance artist Jiang Baolin passed away at the age of 95, and once worshipped Ma Sanli as his teacher

Beijing News (Reporter Liu Zhen) On the evening of January 4, Tianjin cross talk radio host and cross talk actor Qiu Yingjun posted a note that the cross talk performance artist Jiang Baolin died peacefully in Tianjin at 11:55 pm on December 29, 2021. He was 95 years old. As Jiang Baolin’s apprentice, Qiu Yingjun said in the article, “According to Mr.’s last wishes, just leave the laughter to the audience, don’t disturb everyone too much, keep everything simple and finish everything. Thanks to the parents and friends from all walks of life for their support over the years. Mr.’s kindness.” Later, the cross talk actor Gao Feng, Yan Hexiang and others sent messages to mourn.

Jiang Baolin.The picture comes from the Weibo of the comic actor Qiu Yingjun

Jiang Baolin was born in Tianjin in 1927. At the age of 5, he entered a private school to study ancient Chinese. At the age of 8, he dropped out of school due to his poor family background. At the age of 11, he formally worshipped Chen Ziquan (Chen Shouquan) as his teacher and talked about cross talk. In 1960, Jiang Baolin was transferred to the Jilin Radio and Rap Troupe as the captain and head of the cross talk. In 1963, he enlisted in the Art Troupe of the Political Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Since 1985, Jiang Baolin’s collaboration with cross talk master Hou Baolin has been well received. He is not only good at performing cross talk, but also talks about stand-up comedy for the audience. He once performed more than two hours of stand-up comedy appreciation sessions by himself, and created more than a hundred sections such as “Mu Sanhuo” and “Mother-in-law Dialogue”. Welcome stand-up comedy. In 1988, crosstalk hero Ma Sanli announced that he would accept Jiang Baolin as his disciple and held an apprenticeship ceremony at Tianjin Yanchunlou Hotel. In his later years, Jiang Baolin returned to Tianjin and devoted himself to creating and performing stand-up comedy and cultivating young people. Twenty-four episodes of the TV series “100 Pieces of Jiang Baolin’s Stand-up Comedy” were recorded on Tianjin TV, and some traditional cross talks such as “Reporting the Name of the Food” and “Selling Cloth Head” were changed to stand-up performances. The stage effect was well received.

In 2018, Tianjin Jinwan Grand Theater held a special performance to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Jiang Baolin’s career in art. Jiang Baolin made his debut and performed the classic “Tianjin Dialect” for the audience.

Beijing News reporter Liu Zhen

Editor in charge: Zhu Xuesen SN240


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