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Crossing of versions for the care of a patient who got complicated in a hospital in Neuquén

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Crossing of versions for the care of a patient who got complicated in a hospital in Neuquén

In the last few hours, the situation of a young woman with a disability who was admitted to the operating room of the Horacio Heller Hospital in Neuquén for an oral procedure and ended up with serious health complications. The father accuses the institution of having carried out the anesthesia procedure poorly and the management of the hospital made public the approach to the case.

The 18-year-old girl has a disability that prevents her from performing various movements, for this reason her father, the only adult in charge, He makes her attend to the Heller hospital, although she also went through the Castro Rendón. In the health institution she is assisted by several professionals.

This Thursday, he was admitted for a dental cleaning procedure, explained sor dad to Channel 7 of Neuquén. «I brought her to have her cleaned, since due to her disability the tartar has to be removed with a procedure, “he said.

The process does not take more than an hour, however the young He did not leave the operating room and that began to make the man he consulted impatient until he was informed that a complication had occurred.

“He was in critical condition, he had trouble breathing”exposed the man and added that “it is not right that you bring your son playing and they give him to you like this”, blaming the professionals who intervened on his daughter directly.

The situation occurs a few hours after a young man in the region who was admitted to the Villa Regina Hospital due to a toothache ended up dying from an “acute pulmonary edema«.

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Crossing of versions for the care of a patient in a hospital in Neuquén: the word of the medical director

Doctor Víctor Noli, to Horacio Heller hospital manager publicly responded to the accusations of the young woman’s father.

Thus, in dialogue with Channel 7, he explained that the patient “He entered the operating room yesterday morning, during the anesthesia start procedure there was a difficulty in the usual airwayTherefore, to continue with the process and because our otolaryngologist was present, a tracheostomy was performed» .

According to Noli, the situation is summarized in that “there was a complication of the usual anesthesia, which took longer than normal until he recovered his normal breathing.”

Regarding the health of the patient, he explained that “it evolves well” and that the pertinent studies will be carried out in these cases to evaluate a medical discharge for next Monday.

Hospital sources confirmed that they were given all the documentary material and the patient’s medical history to her father for his peace of mind.

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