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Damaged cars? 55% happens in traffic

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Damaged cars?  55% happens in traffic

ROMA – In the post-pandemic era, one thing is certain: motorists have started being motorists again: driving around the street, yelling at pedestrians, insulting each other and, of course, even crashing. A bonanza for the coachbuilders, who for their part have started to make ends meet again. According to a study by CarSafe, a network that brings together over 400 repairers nationwide, 55% of the damage recorded in the first 10 months of 2022 is attributable to causes related to traffic, i.e. rear-end collisions, bumps, potholes, just to mention the most common ones . Atmospheric events have a paltry 12 percent and vandalism even less, 10%.

But what are the most frequent damages that a motorist causes to his car? From the processing of data on spare parts orders and recorded interventions, it emerged that the category most at risk is mouldings, i.e. plastic profiles that follow the design of the car. Followed by the rear bumpers and front, mudguards, rear view mirrors (shell, mirror and complete rear view mirror), doors, windows (rear windows, descending and fixed windscreens). The bonnets close the ranking.

“After the restrictions of the lockdowns for the containment of the pandemic and the revolution of habits, ways of working and socializing, for some months we have been witnessing a gradual return to normal”, he explains Simone Mucciante, President of CarSafe. “A normality also made up of urban and extra-urban mobility and a growing circulation of vehicles compared to the two-year period 2020-2021. As a result, coachbuilders also returned to work, increasingly dealing with interventions that require advanced technologies in the light of the many innovations applied to the car.

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However, the highest proportion of interventions concerns the typical damage to the bodywork deriving from traffic. For these reasons – concludes Mucciante – modern body shops are now able to manage most of the repairs throughout the car’s life cycle”. (fp)

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