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Daniel Auteuil: I become a chansonnier in memory of my mom

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Daniel Auteuil: I become a chansonnier in memory of my mom

It all starts with a book that fell by chance and which, again by chance, opens on the first page which still by chance contains an almost mysterious dedication. This is enough for Daniel Auteuil to create a show-concert, music, words, anecdotes from the life lived by an actor who has won two Cesars, a Palme d’Or, a David. lunch in the air is the title of his show, which avails itself of the artistic collaboration of Gaëtan Roussel, Italian debut today at the Mercadante Theater in Naples in the international section of the Campania Theater Festival.

“Looking at that open book, I immediately recognized my mother’s handwriting:“ For Dany my dear son (Dany is me) here are the wonderful poems of Paul-Jean Toulet to read when you are grown up. Avignon 1957. Mom “. At that moment I thought that it had taken my mother a long time to realize that I was now grown up. I read and reread these counter-rhymes with increasing enthusiasm until, for some reason, I began to associate guitar chords with these emotions. Gradually, the melodies were born on each new poem I was reading. Like Monsieur Jourdain who wrote prose without knowing it, I too made songs without wanting to. It all started as a game in the secret of my room and then, when your heart is too full, the desire to share arises. So, as it’s my profession, I went from the bedroom to the stage. Is the result what we call chamber music? ” .

Auteuil, however, also speaks of himself, of his life. «I felt the need to tell myself, even in the obvious; love, the passing of time “. Arrived in France when he was 4, Daniel is a Frenchman from Algeria, one of the so-called “pied noir”. His parents had problems with it, he didn’t. Indeed: “Being born elsewhere – he says – makes me feel privileged that belongs to a beautiful world, the world of the Mediterranean and the South”. On the Italian shores of that South Auteuil he often worked: Pereira holds with Roberto Faenza, Butter with Renzo Martinelli, N – Napoleon and I with Paolo Virzì, The sniper with Michele Placido e Confessions with Roberto Andò. He won the David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actor for his portrayal of him in A heart in winter. «I love Italy so much – he says – that I come as often as possible. The Italian film culture enchants me. I dedicated a song to Mario Monicelli. I became an actor watching the films of Italian neorealism and the Italian comedies, that social satire, those jokes that always hid a bitter side and a vision of the world to make us reflect. Only you have succeeded ». Perhaps this is also why he moves smoothly between comedy and tragedy and he would not know how to make a choice. “I do what I want. Only roles I like. And I’m happy to hear people laugh and to hear them cry. Obviously at the right time ». From the new show he expects to give above all joy: «I’d like it to make people happy. In Naples people will understand little, I speak in French with Italian subtitles but the atmosphere, that passes through the music ».

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On the other hand, the theater, unlike the cinema, is experiencing a moment of great splendor, and Auteuil sees the reason for this in the very nature of the theater: «On TV they give good films and in the end you only go out for great events. The theater no. Either you go or you lose it. The theater allows you to meet, to talk, to see the artists up close. The same goes for other live shows such as concerts. The people in the room relate differently, there is no wall between us and them ».

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