Home Entertainment Dapeng directed and starred in the comedy film “Keep You Safe”, the finalized poster will be released on December 31, New Year’s Eve.

Dapeng directed and starred in the comedy film “Keep You Safe”, the finalized poster will be released on December 31, New Year’s Eve.

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Dapeng directed and starred in the comedy film “Keep You Safe”, the finalized poster will be released on December 31, New Year’s Eve.

Original title: Dapeng directed and starred in the comedy film “Keeping You Safe”, which will be released on December 31.

Today, the comedy film “Keeping You Safe” directed by Dapeng announced that it will be released on December 31, and the finalized poster will be released to enter the Lunar New Year file. The film is directed by Dapeng, written by Su Biao and Dapeng. Bing, Yang Di, Pan Binlong, Ni Hongjie starring, Qiao Shan, Yu Yang, Liu Jinshan, Cao Bingkun, Liang Chao friendship guest. The movie “Keep You Safe” tells the story of Wei Pingan (played by Dapeng), a former boss known as the “Ji’an Broken-tailed Tiger”, who was in a middle-aged and downcast. For the entrustment of others, I embark on a ridiculous road to refute rumors.

Dapeng teamed up with comedians full of blessings

In the finalized poster released by the film, Wei Ping, played by Dapeng, was placed in the car, and the roof of the car was “blown up” behind him. Li Xueqin offered a helping hand, Yin Zheng held a pair of scissors to help you cut troubles, Wang Xun carried a small flag and set off for happiness, Wang Shengdi embraced the blue sky with open arms, Ma Li raised her arms enthusiastically and said hi, and Song Qian held her chin in her hand and smiled like a flower. On the other hand, Qiao Shan, who was standing beside him, held a big guitar in his hand, continuing the nature of rock and roll. In the poster, Jia Bing, Yang Di, Pan Binlong, and Ni Hongjie all huddled in the car, smiling happily. Dapeng brought a luxurious comedy lineup full of joy and blessings, as if inviting everyone to set off, and the happy atmosphere was full!

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The lineup of the movie “Keep You Safe” can be described as a full-staff comedian, blowing the year-end happy assembly number! Wei Ping’an and Wei Ruyi are the brothers and sisters who can’t help laughing. The comedy chemistry of Dapeng and Li Xueqin on the big screen is really exciting, as well as Yin Zheng, Wang Xun, Ma Li, Jia Bing, Yang Di, Pan Binlong , Qiao Shan and other comedy experts.

Anxiety, goodbye, peace and joy

2022 is coming to an end. In the past year, we may have difficulties, ups and downs, and parting. Peace and happiness have become the most sincere prayers in the hearts of ordinary people. It is also the driving force for Brother Ping An in the film to persevere all the way. Looking back on the hard work of myself this year, I have the joy of harvesting, but it is also inevitable that there will be many scars. However, when you look up at the partners around you who are fighting side by side with you, the warmth of cherishing and knowing each other cannot help but sigh that there is true love in the world!

This time, “Keep You Safe” directed and starred by Dapeng tells the true story of little people who meet by chance but guard to the end. In the story, Wei Ping’an meets all kinds of ordinary people who stick to their hearts and live hard in ordinary days. All the little people are flesh and blood in Dapeng’s camera, and they are affectionate and righteous. Under the interpretation of a group of comedy comedians, the audience will not only be amused by the storyline, but will also be impressed by the fate of each character.

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The film “Keeping You Safe” is produced by Shanghai Ruyi Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hecheng Film Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and China Film Co., Ltd. The movie will be released in theaters nationwide on December 31st, let’s see how Dapeng refutes rumors and fights fakes to keep you safe!Return to Sohu, see more


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