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Dapeng’s Comedy Film Creation Achieves Upgrade_Guangming.com

  Author: Shi Wenjing

Dapeng’s new comedy film “Keep You Safe” is currently in theaters. The film tells the story of a good man. Compared with crazy suspenseful comedies and secret room comedies, Dapeng uses comedy to intervene in the new film. Realistic topics, told a good-looking story with a strong comedy style, discussed many social issues, and realized the upgrade of its own comedy creation.

 Realistic theme expression is very novel

“Keep You Safe” tells the story of Wei Pingan, a cemetery salesman, cracking rumors for his client Han Lu, and embarking on a ridiculous road to whitewashing. In the film, after Han Lu died of illness, she was smeared by rumors made by rumormongers. Wei Pingan figured out the path of the rumors, traveled thousands of miles to find the source of the rumors, and refuted the rumors for Han Lu. The mystery of why the rumors originated was finally revealed. The whole story focuses on the process of Wei Pingan’s “refuting the rumors and breaking his legs”. Step by step, the path of spreading rumors is reversed, which is the main line of the plot. Why did the rumors originate and what kind of girl Han Lu is? Hold the audience’s attention. In the end, the story completed a very beautiful transition that impacted the audience’s emotional expectations. It is a comedy with a smooth narrative and sincerity.

Dapeng said in an interview: “Comedy has a ‘happy’ in front, it must make people happy, at least not awkward when watching; then ‘drama’ is the same as all kinds of dramas, with character relationships and stories. For me, what I am pursuing is to let everyone see movies with themes and forms that have not been seen before.” The comedy elements of “Keep You Safe” are indeed not embarrassing, and its theme expression is also closely related to current real issues and the public Emotions give comedy a certain freshness.

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The theme of the story is that the cost of online rumors is low and rumors spread quickly, but the cost of rights protection is high and difficult. It warns the world not to believe or spread rumors. A line of Wei Ping’an’s daughter in the film also focuses on social issues such as campus bullying. In order to complete this expression with comedy, “Keep You Safe” reorganized and used various comedy elements, striving to enrich the comedy highlights, such as incorporating the now popular haunted house break-through game, to complete the horror comedy highlights, this part is very Outstanding, especially the scene where Wei Ping’an is forcibly sent to the hospital, absurd, realistic, and very joyful; snatching the ashes, chasing the rumor maker for thousands of miles, and starting a road movie comedy, this section also incorporates fantasy elements; the final plot is The elements of action comedy are used properly, thrilling and funny. In addition, the lines of the film have also been polished. There are many funny lines with homophonic stalks, but there are also some brilliant places. The whole film is very dense. It can be seen that the creators are fully mobilizing their own comedy advantages to create more highlights and Humor.

Perhaps it is also in pursuit of the narrative fluency of the comedy line of “refuting the rumors and breaking the legs” and the popularity of the comedy. The deep connection between the main line and campus bullying incidents, etc. However, the good point is that apart from the ingenious setting at the end of the film, the audience can watch the movie from laughing to crying. The whole film has no extra sensationalism or elevated expressions, and the narrative is clean and neat.

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  It makes sense for comedy to seek change

“Keep You Safe” is not only director Dapeng’s personal transformation from nonsensical comedy to realistic care, but also made some upgrades for the expression of domestic comedy films. From the attempts of nonsensical comedies such as “Pancake Man” and “Sewing Machine Band” to the expression of personal style in “Auspicious Ruyi”, although Dapeng’s film and television works are mainly comedies, they have been making breakthroughs. “Peace” was praised by the audience for completing the upgrade of personal comedy films.

Strong-type domestic comedy films, focusing on the cool fusion of absurdity, crime, love, irony, science fiction, nostalgia and other elements, using comedy labels to attract audiences, and rarely discussing a social issue at close range, “Keep You Safe” does It made an attempt in this area, and made many viewers start to think about the social ills of Internet rumors.

Many viewers’ discussions on “Keep You Safe” focused on the ills of Internet rumors, women are more likely to be rumored, society is too short of persistent people like Wei Pingan, director Dapeng’s social concerns, and the absurd and serious story of the bottom-level characters. Expression, etc., this story of “dispelling rumors and running away” made the audience start a lot of realistic associations and thinking. The expression of realistic issues is something that domestic comedy films do not pay attention to or deliberately ignore. This is an expression that cannot be completed by the “Tang Tan” series of suspenseful comedies that focus on solving the murderer’s mystery. The script kills the theme that comedy can’t hold; although the happy twist comedy that focuses on absurd narrative also satirizes reality, it will not be so close to reality. “Keep You Safe” uses a strong type of comedy to find a new way of expression that is integrated with a strong story and close to reality. It is really funny, and it has caused the audience to go beyond comedy to focus on hot topics, arousing resonance and discussion. Comedy looks at reality, which is very meaningful in itself.

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Many works of domestic comedy films are actually “farce” covered with comedy elements. The most commonly used expression is a group of people accomplishing a lively thing, such as spending 1 billion yuan, bravely going to the metropolis, and jumping like chickens and dogs. Looking for the murderer, etc., the comedy and laughter come more from some accidents and reversals in the process of completing the task, and each film is intensively bombarded with funny jokes. For this style of comedy, the audience is getting more and more tired. “Lonely Walking on the Moon” with sci-fi elements appeared in different styles of comedy, and it won a lot of box office, opening up more possibilities for comedy creation. “Keep You Safe” combines various elements of comedy, but expands the expression of realistic themes, which is also an innovation of comedy. From Feng Xiaogang, Ning Hao, Xu Zheng, Happy Twist to sci-fi comedies and realistic themed comedies, comedies are constantly changing to attract audiences. (Shi Wenjing)

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