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Daphne is back and we are all her

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Daphne is back. And here she is in the small temple of Diana in Villa Borghese on the occasion of the international day against violence against women, finally free and not imprisoned in the laurel tree into which she had transformed to escape Apollo. Daphne is Back is a work of the visionary artist Guido Iannuzzi, the same who brought a tank with the colors of the Bauhaus, as a symbol of peace and not of war, to the Eur lake and before that to the Mart in Rovereto, wanted by Vittorio Sgarbi.

Dafne finally free, finally herself, no longer having to hide to blend in in a world where violence and oppression, both physical and verbal, are the key to trying to close the voice to women. A fable, a revisited myth, of hope not only for the gender that has been fighting for equality, for dignity, for the right to exist all its life “but for anyone forced to hide their nature and ideas to escape to violence or marginalization ”, explains the artist.

The work stops the exact moment in which the two arrows, one of lead and the other of gold, which gave rise to the classical myth, meet making the laurel plant that had protected, imprisoning it, the essence dematerialized. by Daphne. The nymph disappears from the sight of the onlookers having returned to her full freedom. There are still, for a few moments, only the bay leaves that float expanding in the air as the only reverberation and echo of the previous state assumed by Daphne.

The installation is located from 25 November 2021 until 27 March 2022 inside the Tempietto di Diana of Villa Borghese which is located a few hundred meters from the statue of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, kept inside the Borghese Gallery, which represents the classic myth from which “Daphne is back“Originates.

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