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DARKEST HOUR – Perpetual Terminal

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DARKEST HOUR – Perpetual Terminal

Perpetual Terminal
(Metalcore | Death Metal)

Label: MNRK Heavy
Format: (LP)

Release: 23.03.2024

I didn’t realize that DARKEST HOUR would soon be celebrating their 30th (!) year anniversary, and apart from a brilliant live performance in the arena together with UNEARTH, I’ve watched the band since their massive album triple “Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation”, “Undoing Ruin” and “Deliver Us” on the hardcore label Victory Records from the early and mid-2000s have been somewhat lost sight of.

People were all the more excited about the announcement that DARKEST HOUR around the two founding members John Henry and Mike Schleibaum had once again reflected on this musical creative period on the new album “Perpetual Terminal”, essentially renewing their oath of loyalty to the Swedish death metal school and creating a “ “Back To The Roots” have announced.

Many of the songs are massively forward-thinking and will also create battlefield-like conditions in the mosh pit live. The guitar solos, which are sometimes a bit too extensive, or entire tracks like “Amor Fati”, unfortunately always cause a bit of boredom and take away some of the power and drive from the album. However, merciless hits like “Societal Bile”, the title track or “Love Is Fear” make up for it and provide a solid neck muscle workout. But DARKEST HOUR know how to convince in 2024 especially when they explore the musical boundaries a little more like in “One With The Void” or the mantra-like and nihilistic “Mausoleum”.

All in all, “Perpetual Terminal” is a really solid record that is certainly more than a must-buy for fans of DARKEST HOUR. Of the current albums from the “Second Wave of Metalcore” troops, UNEARTH has released “The Wretched; The Ruinous” released the much more compelling album.

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Tracklist „Perpetual Terminal

1. Perpetual Terminal
2. Societal Bile
3. A Prayer To The Holy Death
4. The Nihilist Undone
5. One With The Void
6. Amor Fati
7. Love Is Fear
8. New Utopian Dream
9. Mausoleum
10. My Only Regret
11. Goddess Of War, Give Me Something To Die For
Total playing time: 41:24


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