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De Loredo confirmed that El Sukaria will be his running mate in the city

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De Loredo confirmed that El Sukaria will be his running mate in the city

In an act at the PRO headquarters, Soher El Sukaria was officially presented as a partner of the formula for the city led by Rodrigo de Loredo for the city of Córdoba.

Laura Rodríguez Machado, Oscar Agost Carreño, Héctor “La Coneja” Baldassi, Carmen Álvarez Rivero, Matías Santos, Darío Capitani, among others, were present.

“We have built a formula in which we complement each other, where a healthy and balanced integration of Together for Change is reflected, as it will be seen throughout the list,” said de Loredo.

He added: “I want to highlight Soher for its commitment to the city that is demonstrated in its intense territorial presence and its closeness to its neighbors. Through it I also want to highlight the role and leadership of women in each of the parties that make up our coalition. His strategic vision in solving problems is essential for the progress of the city”.

“Also, highlight the contributions that the PRO has to make to our coalition, linked to a team perspective, modernity and innovation. Thanks to the different aspects of this space that accompany us, which represent prestigious national leaders who honor us such as Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Patricia Bullrich and Mauricio Macri ”, he emphasized.

Finally, de Loredo stated: “We want a political construction anchored in values, to offer the people of Cordoba an electoral and management alternative that brings solutions to the problems that Córdoba has had for decades.”

Soher: “We have the most qualified team”

For his part, Soher expressed: “We are working for a city with a heart and an eye on the neighbor. I know Rodrigo and I am sure that he is the leader that the city needs to take the definitive leap and return to being number 1 in the country. He exercises leadership with courage and vision, a horizontal leadership that he listens to and always thinks of a better idea”.

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“We have the most qualified and prepared team to deepen the improvements and reverse what is done wrong. We are convinced that the mayor cannot look the other way in matters -for example- of insecurity or health. We want free residents, and imprisoned criminals, residents with access to health care and quality education. We project a collaborative, equitable, and sustainable city, and all of this is achieved with comprehensive work that must come from all neighborhoods, from each block,” he reflected.

“We feel the accompaniment of the people of Cordoba in every step we take through the city. We are going to focus on the proposals, we want the people of Cordoba to feel part of this project that is and needs everyone ”, he closed.

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