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De Meo’s challenge: “After the R5, the electric Twingo for 20 thousand euros”

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De Meo’s challenge: “After the R5, the electric Twingo for 20 thousand euros”

GENEVA – The new all-electric R5 at 25 thousand euros is not enough. It’s not even enough to have won the Car of the Year title with the Scenic E-Tech. Luca de Meo thinks quickly and above all he is already thinking about the electric Twingo for 20 thousand euros. “A platform that we are ready to make available to other Western manufacturers as well. And we are talking to everyone.” De Meo talks about it from Geneva, from the Show where Renault has no rivals or competitors. All the spotlights are on the Losanga house and its boss. “Speed ​​will be extremely important,” says the Renault CEO. “I am breaking heels to design and produce new models more quickly.” A way to resist Tesla and Chinese manufacturers.

The R5 was made in three years, the goal of the Twingo is to see it in two years: “We officially decided to redo the product development process at Renault: from 4 years, we went to three, then to two,” says de Meo. “We are nibbling at everything. If the Chinese do it, we must be able to do it too. It’s not a question of reducing costs, but of increasing productivity.” This is why Renault has invested 5 billion in a project to reorganize and control the entire company based on artificial intelligence. Project involving 400 employees. “We must be able to do in one hour what a Chinese does in eight hours,” says the CEO of Renault. “Four or five years to react”, the typical development time for a vehicle, “is too late and it is much more expensive,” he points out.

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On the Twingo de Meo tried to force it. It’s about “not working sequentially but simultaneously” on all parts of the car. Renault is in preliminary talks with Volkswagen to share production of its future entry-level electric Twingo. “It’s classic to share platforms or factories to keep costs low. And we want to go further, the goal is to procure everything in Europe, at competitive prices.” Renault can do without a partner because “it will sell a lot” of Twingos, de Meo boasted, but a collaboration “helps a little, improves the project, fills the factory. It’s something that has always been done, I remember when I was at Toyota or Fiat between the 500 and the Ka. Same platform, different cars.” For de Meo it is also a cultural and industrial challenge: “Imagine the importance of seeing European industry united around a project.”

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