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Death Ennio Doris, the reactions: “A great entrepreneur, innovator, visionary and enlightened”

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For over forty years, Ennio Doris was a protagonist of Italian big finance as well as an entrepreneur, banker and founder of Banca Mediolanum, one of the most innovative companies on the national banking scene also present in Spain, Germany and Ireland. Reactions from the political to the economic world were immediate. The first to remember is the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi: «Ennio Doris left us. A great man, a great entrepreneur, a great patriot, a great Italian ». «A generous, selfless man, always attentive to others, always close to those in need. We will miss him very much, I will miss him very much. To Massimo, Sara, Lina my closeness and all my affection ».

Sassoli: an innovative banker disappears
The president of the European Parliament David Sassoli remembers this via social media: «With Ennio Doris an innovative, enlightened and capable banker disappears. A great loss for the Italian and European banking world “.

Abi: Doris enlightened and highly innovative entrepreneur and banker
Antonio Patuelli, president of the Italian Banking Association, expressed his sincerest condolences for the death of Ennio Doris, «an enlightened and highly innovative entrepreneur and banker, attentive and sensitive at the same time to the growth of the company, of customers and collaborators». “I will keep the memory of Ennio strong – added President Patuelli – of our dialogues on culture and market rules, for economic and social growth in a free democracy”.

Piazza Affari pays tribute
On the day of his death, Piazza Affari also paid tribute to him. The stock of Mediolanum, his creature, rises by 2.33% to 8.77 euros. Doris was honorary president since last November 3.

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Zaia: a great bad awakening
“Today was a very bad awakening. I am deeply moved by the death of Ennio Doris, for whom I have always had esteem and admiration. A piece of history goes away, a national icon and more, a gentleman who loved his land and in any case has always shown that he has a unique vision. After all, only a great man could do great things like those made by Doris ». Thus the president of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia recalls the figure of the entrepreneur Ennio Doris, who disappeared during the night.

Fontana: a great entrepreneur leaves us
The president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, in a note, recalls that «With the death of Ennio Doris we lose a great entrepreneur. He was a true innovator in the management and communication of finance. Always smiling, he looked to the future with a positive spirit. A true ambassador of optimism even in the most difficult moments. Lombardy’s most heartfelt condolences to family members and loved ones ».

Tajani: great innovator goes away
For Antonio Tajani of Fi: «With Ennio Doris he leaves a great innovator, an excellent entrepreneur who advocates a citizen-friendly finance. But above all a decent person. A prayer accompanies you, dear Ennio ».

The president of the Forza Italia senators: he will lack intelligence and optimism
The president of the senators of Forza Italia, Anna Maria Bernini, Italy «with the death of Ennio Doris loses an enlightened entrepreneur, a visionary who spent his entire professional life making a dream of growth and development concrete. His intelligence and optimism will be greatly lacking as will his unrivaled financial expertise. I cling to the pain of the family to which I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences and those of all the senators of Forza Italia. The Doris “brand” is synonymous with guarantee and trust. This is the great legacy that Ennio Doris leaves not only to the banking and financial world but to the whole of Italy “.

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Salvini: great man and great entrepreneur
«Great man, great entrepreneur. A prayer for him and a thought to family, friends and collaborators. #EnnioDoris “. Thus on Twitter the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini.

Renzi: a man who had deep faith and great values
The leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, in his Enews, writes: «Ennio Doris, founder of Mediolanum, died tonight. He was a man who had deep faith and great values, not easy to find in the world of finance. An affectionate thought and a prayer ».

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