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DECEPTION – Daenacteh

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DECEPTION – Daenacteh

(Melodic Death Metal)

Label: Mighty Music
Format: (LP)

Release: 22.03.2024

Drawing inspiration from bands like Wintersun, Septicflesh and Blood Red Throne, Deception create brutal, hard hitting, technical music surrounded by dark, beautiful and majestic soundscapes with the use of orchestral instruments and synthsMighty Music

Melodic Death Metal from Norway has so far been seen as a rarity, as the country is known to be the stronghold of Black Metal. But with DECEPTION, after being on the road as ART OF DECEPTION until 2019, they are preparing to breathe life into the genre there too. “Daenacteh” is the name of the fourth album, which definitely has potential, but cannot hide its Norwegian roots.

The men from Stavanger completely forego clean vocals, but also use opulent keys and orchestration. With many a blast beat, the scratchy vocals of Sindre Wathne Johnsen, who many death metal fans should know from BLOOD RED THRONE, and some dark, apocalyptic key melodies that create a lot of atmosphere, all have their roots in black Metal. The Northmen definitely show technical sophistication and prove that they have something on their instruments, but unfortunately the song itself sometimes gets lost. The album, which is very well staged, lacks big moments, real hits or at least really compelling moments.

Somehow “Daenacteh” seems more like a musical demonstration of technical skill and songwriting ability than an actual album. For fans of fat guitar acrobatics, technically high-quality solos and beats as well as opulent keys, the whole thing is a real feast of melodic death metal, which gains even more variety with a dash of folk and a few oriental influences.

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Tracklist „Daenacteh“:

1. Sulphur Clouds
2. King Of Salvation
3. Iblis’ Mistress
4. Assailants
5. Monophobic
6. Dhariyan
7. Be Headed On Your Way
8. Daughters Of The Desert
Total playing time: 45:15


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