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Dedicated to the heroes of the fight against the epidemic

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Dedicated to the heroes of the fight against the epidemic

2022-01-05 19:13:28Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported that “the flowers of roses are orange and orange, raging in the streets and alleys of the city, like those throbbing morning clouds, gently wiping the city’s faces…” At the moment of the epidemic, all Xi’an people With one heart and one mind, the 81-year-old model of the era, the most beautiful struggler, and the city’s soprano singer Yan Enfeng, also recently recorded with his daughter and grandson, “The Fragrant Yellow Rose” and other songs praising the anti-epidemic “retrograde”者” song. The old man said that these days, he has been following the news. “Every time I see the reports of those’retrogrades’ who leave their homes for everyone, I can’t help crying. When the epidemic is over and everyone can get out of the house, I must They sing in person! Praise these cutest people!”

The reporter learned that several songs recorded by Enfeng and his family this time were all written in the context of the epidemic in early 2020. At that time, Ying Enfeng and his wife, Sun Shao, a national first-level composer and an 80-year-old composer, watched the epidemic broadcast on television every day, from medical staff fighting on the front line, traffic police on duty, and grassroots workers in the community to the streets. The cleaners in the alleys affect their hearts. As a result, the two old men and the famous poet and lyricist Dang Yongan worked together to complete the composition of the three songs “Cherry Blossoms in Wuhan”, “Community Girl” and “Scented Yellow Roses”, praising the frontline anti-epidemic people in different positions. . These three songs are also Sun Shao’s last musical works during his lifetime.

The sudden epidemic in Xi’an once again affected the heart of Enfeng-in the end, she decided that her daughter Sun Bei and grandson Yang Xi would record anti-epidemic songs such as “The Fragrant Yellow Rose” together to sing the retrograde with great love in mind. Friends, pray for an early victory over the epidemic. Among them, the song “The Fragrant Yellow Rose” was sung by Yun Enfeng himself. Although he is an advanced age, the old man’s voice is still full of passion and his singing is sonorous and powerful.

As a singer of the people, in the past 20 years, except for one year of being hospitalized in a car accident, Yan Enfeng will go to the front line of the grassroots almost every Chinese New Year to voluntarily sing for the workers who stick to their posts. In the New Year of 2022, because of the epidemic, Enfeng has no way to get out of the house, but she still hopes to do her best to sing enthusiasm for the anti-epidemic heroes and gather the anti-epidemic forces with singing, “Let us work together to overcome the time. Hard work, let’s cheer for Xi’an together!” Text/Xi’an Newspaper Media Reporter Sun Huan Video/Picture provided by interviewees


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