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Deeply reflecting the spirit of investigative journalist Ye Daying’s new work “Never Compromise” Shenzhen premiere ended successfully-Qianlong.com.cn

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Deeply reflecting the spirit of investigative journalist Ye Daying’s new work “Never Compromise” Shenzhen premiere ended successfully-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Deeply reflects the spirit of investigative journalist Ye Daying’s new work “Never Compromise” Shenzhen premiere ended successfully

The movie “Never Compromise” was released nationwide on August 12. On the 15th, Ye Daying served as the screenwriter and director, with Zhu Dan, You Yongzhi, and Hai Yitian as the leading actors, and the movie “Never Compromise” starring Song Ningfeng, Wang Ce, Lin Zi, and Wang You was held in Shenzhen Poly International Cinema (Great China Store). premiere. Film creator Ye Daying and starring Hai Yitian attended the event, interacted cordially with the media and fans, and shared their thoughts before and after the film was released.

The atmosphere in Shenzhen is particularly good, and many beautiful scenery are suitable for shooting

“Never Compromise” is a rare film in China that tells the story of media reporters’ cooperation with public prosecutors and the “never compromise” in the face of underworld forces in the capital market. Ye Daying, the famous director of the pound film, dared to break through himself, and after six years of polishing, he created a realistic work.

The film tells the story of Yu Li, the editor-in-chief of “New Island Weekly” played by Zhu Dan, who withstood the pressure of all parties and fought wits and courage with the evil forces. In the film, Yu Li is not only kidnapped, but her family and work team are also in danger. Her assistant, Ma Hua, first entered the workplace, but was seduced by capital and turned his back. The old drama bone You Yongzhi plays Wang Mingguang, the president of the newspaper where Yu Li works. With his superb acting skills and the roles of Hai Yitian and Wang Cebiao, who play the villains, the boss of Disi International, this capital fraud case is wonderfully restored.

At the premiere of the movie “Never Compromise” in Shenzhen, director Ye Daying revealed that he has a deep relationship with Shenzhen. He had been to Shenzhen as early as 1986, and the film was also shot in Shenzhen. In Ye Daying’s opinion, Shenzhen has changed a lot at the moment. “It’s huge and brilliant. The atmosphere in Shenzhen is very good, and there are many beautiful scenery suitable for shooting.”

Director Ye Daying

“This is a movie that is very close to real life.” In the interview, Ye Daying admitted frankly that the plot setting and character creation in “Never Compromise” are based on real cases and real characters. “A few years ago, I joined the Liaison Media Group. I was very honored to meet a group of financial media people here, and I heard a lot of little-known stories. I was very touched and wanted to make a movie. , but for such a ‘revelation’ film, the pressure faced can be imagined. It takes a lot of time and energy to observe the lives of journalists and financial tycoons. The script was created for 6 years before and after, and changed 90 times. Multiple drafts.”

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Starring: Hai Yitian

Talking about why he appeared in such a realistic movie, well-known actor Hai Yitian revealed that this is his first time working with director Ye Daying. The role of “financial tycoon” in the film is very challenging for him. “Good people also have imperfections, and bad people also have their bright spots. The character Tu Jun in the film is a good husband and father at home, but he is a bit heinous at work. This is what attracts me more.” Hai Yitian said.

We want to make a work of social significance

Did you come across a part of the filmmaking process that required a “compromise”? Ye Daying said that there are actually many parts of “compromise”, especially for screenwriter Yu Ying’s “compromise”, “She is very picky with every draft, of course, this kind of ‘compromise’ is worthy of thanks, Yu Ying and many media People told me the stories and personal experiences of many media practitioners, which moved me to the social responsibility of media people.”

Why did you choose the well-known host Zhu Dan to play the heroine in the film? Ye Daying said that he is very willing to cooperate with “new people”, because they can discover new things and create new possibilities. “Including Leslie Cheung (“Red Lover”) back then. For this type of role, it can be said that he is also a ‘newcomer’. Zhu Dan is an old reporter, and she has the persistence of reporters who have the courage to reveal the truth. Ye Daying said.

The star Zhu Dan was unable to come to the Shenzhen Media Film Festival due to work reasons, but she brought her greetings through VCR and said, “I hope everyone can like this movie, and of course everyone’s multi-dimensional thinking is welcome.”

In Ye Daying’s view, for filmmakers, it is not difficult for us to make a story look good. What is difficult is how to grasp the balance between film and reality. “The theme of this film does not fit the current heat wave of entertainment first, but we hope to make a work with ‘bones’ and social significance. If this work can give the audience some useful thinking and inject new life into the Chinese film market The idea is still worth it.”


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