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Delfina left MasterChef with an emotional message and a sea of ​​tears

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Delfina left MasterChef with an emotional message and a sea of ​​tears

This Sunday, Delfina Gayoso became the sixth eliminated from MasterChef. After a one-on-one with Antonio and Silvana, the 19-year-old girl was left out of the competition due to poor execution on her plate and, despite her strength, she broke down in tears.

For the elimination gala test, the participants had to assemble a chorizo ​​and think with which vegetables and what type of sauce would accompany the sausage. From the beginning of the preparation, Delfina seemed very lost and stressed, but with her characteristic humor.

At first, the cook didn’t have much idea of ​​how to make a chorizo ​​and in the first test, “chorizos de aire” came out. The machine never processed the meat and only the well armed skin came out. The situation provoked laughter from everyone, but despair began to sink in when it was time to cook.

When presenting the dish, Gayoso was very angry. “I have never seen someone look at a chorizo ​​with such anger. They were exploding and you were… ugh,” said Damián Betular, to which the student agreed. Then, Donato de Santis added: “Another more difficult preparation that does not find harmony, flavor and texture. We’re very far away”.

MasterChef: Delfina made Wanda Nara and Damián Betular cry

“What happened to the taste?” Wanda Nara wanted to know. “Nothing was what she expected and what… ugh… Nor what she wanted to present. But hey…”, Delfina managed to say through tears. Towards the end of the program, the jury called her to the stand along with Antonio and Silvana to communicate her final decision.

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“The chef or cook who leaves the kitchens of MasterChef It is… Delfina”, reported Germán Martitegui. “They say my name and well, these are things that can happen when you sign up for one of these places. You are in a competition and you have to compete well. And today it went wrong,” said the young woman in the backstage.

With teary eyes, Gayoso listened to the advice of the chefs and the host, whom he thanked for their company throughout these weeks. “I am going to miss the environment itself because it has already become routine. It’s like going to a school where everyone gets along,” added the now ex-participant.

In the end, Delfina broke down in tears and closed with some very emotional words that also made Wanda and Betular cry: “Since I was a girl I realized that I liked this and I don’t feel like I have any other passion. Obviously I am going to continue studying and doing my best to one day become a colleague of yours. Thank you”.

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