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Delivering love and positive energy “Asia-Pacific Youth Music Moment” premiere trailer

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“Asia-Pacific Youth Music Moment” content release conference was held on the 24th at SAIC·Shanghai Cultural Square. Photo by Miao Lu

China News Service, November 24th (Reporter Lu Lu) Gathering for charity and singing for tomorrow, the “Asia-Pacific Youth Music Moment” content conference was held on the 24th at SAIC·Shanghai Cultural Square. This charity project aims to condense Chinese entertainment The power of celebrities uses music to unite emotions and convey love and positive energy.

At the press conference, the trailer for “Asia-Pacific Youth Music Moment” was officially released, unveiling the content of the program. “Asia-Pacific Youth Music Moment” has won the support of many celebrities and partners in the field of performing arts and culture.

In the past 60 days, program preparations have been in full swing. In addition to the exclusive recording studios in Shanghai, cooperation studios have also been set up in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei and other places to start recording at the same time. Hundreds of celebrities in performing arts participated in the recording and singing, building a bridge for the cultural interaction between Shanghai and Taiwan youth and cross-strait cultural exchanges.

In the current popular mode of using short videos to transmit language and agitate emotions, the program breaks through the way of stringing concerts or music festivals. It uses music documentaries and independent short films to connect the plot through a song to show the old Chinese. The expectations and blessings of people from different generations and different regions for the same future.

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The newly arranged “Tomorrow will be better”, the new song “Jie Li” composed by Li Quan, and the “Dream in the Front” composed and composed by artificial intelligence Xiaoice will meet the public as the three major public welfare theme songs.

In addition, the Leishan ethnic minority song “The Joy of Harvest” and the “Brightest Star in the Night Sky” by the Hundred-year Vocational School Love Chorus will focus on the youth groups of ethnic minorities and the children of migrant workers that deserve more attention. Youth music The “True Dreams” performed by the actors and actresses sang the aspirations of all contemporary youths who are striving for their dreams. Coupled with the new singing of the old songs of “Love Will Win”, “Asia-Pacific Youth Music Moment” will be all The audience brought a future-oriented audiovisual feast full of love and hope.

The first recorded guest lineup was also released in this conference, Cao Qitai, Fan Yiwen, Fei Er Band, Li Quan, Li Jianfu, Lin Zhiying, Liu Ximing, Pin Guan, Ren Xianqi, Xin Xiaoqi, Wu Qixian, Wu Sikai, Xianzi, You Hongming, Zhang Weijian, Zhang Kefan…Familiar faces and singing voices all bring full memories, Fang Fang, Cheng Hong, Dai Jun, Hou Bingying, Jin Feng, Li Liqun, Li Yunling, Li Ai, Li Xiang, Li Zhixi, Li Zhiqi, Lin Qionglong, Liu Erjin, Liu Xuehua, Liu Yiwei, Ma Yanli, Wang Weiqian, Xia Lingling, Zhang Jun, Zhao Qing, Zhu Dan… “Crossover singers” who sang for love have blossomed with different talents than usual, Dong Shiyun, Ge Lei, Li Yuanyuan, Lu Shilang, Wu Yonghuan , Zhang Rui, Luyah Luya, Peace Jing, AI Xiaobing…the voices of the new era are also playing their unique brilliance.

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The initiator of the project, Cao Qitai, is a well-known host from Taiwan. He said that there are still many celebrities in the performing arts who are arranging schedules and preparing for recording. “Asia Pacific Youth Music Moment” will be a continuously developing music project, inviting more artists and even more artists. Partners from all walks of life join, sing the melody in everyone’s heart, and create a musical moment for everyone.

Li Haiyong, secretary-general of the Shanghai Taiwan League, said that he hopes that the launch of this event will attract more attention from Chinese and overseas Chinese around the world, and it will also arouse more resonance among compatriots on both sides of the strait, increase mutual trust, and use music to increase mutual cultural experience. Identity, national identity and identity to the motherland. (over)

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