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Delong and Tmall Super Brand Day create an exclusive home cafe for you_TOM News

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Delong and Tmall Super Brand Day create an exclusive home cafe for you_TOM News

On March 30, De’Longhi, a coffee maker from Italy, once again joined the Tmall Super Brand Day, together with brand spokesperson Hu Ge, to launch the world‘s first new product customized for Chinese consumers – Explorer ECAM450.76 Automatic With the theme of “Delong Home Cafe”, it has in-depth cooperation with Internet celebrity boutique cafes in many places across the country to jointly lead the trend of home cafes.

Cooperate with Tmall Super Brand Day again to launch customized new products in the world

According to data from iResearch and Zhiyan Consulting, the overall coffee market is currently growing rapidly in China, and the coffee industry is expected to grow by 27% in 2021. At the same time, Chinese consumers have a very diverse and convenient choice of coffee drinking, including chain cafes, specialty coffee shops, takeaway coffee, instant coffee, etc. According to the 2021 “Shanghai Coffee Consumption Index” released by Shanghai, the number of cafes in Shanghai has reached 6,913, far surpassing New York, London, Tokyo, Melbourne and other cities, ranking first in the world.

As a boutique electrical appliance brand from Italy, Delonghi started from a handicraft workshop in 1902 and developed into a variety of fields, especially the coffee machine product series leading the global market. As early as March 2013, Delong has entered Tmall and is one of the first international brands to enter Tmall. In 2018, Delong became the first coffee machine brand to express its voice through Tmall Super Brand Day, and achieved the second-highest sales in the year on the day of the event, second only to Tmall Double 11. At the same time, it greatly improved its popularity in the small home appliance industry. position in the ranking.

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Delong linked Tmall Super Brand Day to create an exclusive home cafe for you

On the basis of successful cooperation in the past, in the face of the continuous trend of consumption upgrading, Delong chose to cooperate with Tmall Super Brand Day again to seek resonance in the life concept of the new generation of consumers, and jointly meet the consumption changes in the Chinese market. This Delong Tmall Super Brand Day, the world‘s first super new product customized for Chinese consumers – Explorer ECAM450.76 automatic coffee machine, the first application of cold milk foam technology in home coffee machines, both hot and cold coffee can be made. At the same time, it restores the ordering mode of professional cafes, which can make 42 menus and 100 home coffee recipes with one click, and can also use small programs to connect intelligently to unlock the mystery of 100 special drinks of Delonghi. Delong and Tmall Super Brand Day have joined forces again, hoping to make more users easily become coffee experts with this breakthrough price range of 9,990 hot and cold drinks coffee machine, “to make the life that we are accustomed to be full of special surprises” , bring more pleasant enjoyment to daily life at home.

Delong linked Tmall Super Brand Day to create an exclusive home cafe for you

Spokesperson Hu Ge interprets Delonglan to lead the trend of “home cafe”

Focusing on the launch of new products, Delong Tmall Super Brand Day launched a brand activity with the theme of “Home Cafe” to convey the brand’s concept of business lifestyle. Brand spokesperson Hu Ge interprets the brand concept short film, starts the story sharing journey of “Home Cafe”, and invites the public to participate in the exploration of unlimited coffee possibilities.

During this period, the Delong Tmall super brand has crossed the two major flavor landmark cities for a whole month, cooperated deeply with 11 Internet celebrity boutique cafes in Shanghai and Beijing, and jointly launched the “Delong Blue Flying Map” activity. Users can visit the store to experience the limited special Delonghi “Blue”, unlock more details of the new explorer coffee machine, enjoy the “coffee fun” of Delonghi Home Cafe, and accurately attract offline coffee crowds to experience Delonghi Blue Coffee, Check in and share the drainage online.

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Delong linked Tmall Super Brand Day to create an exclusive home cafe for you

Simultaneously covering multiple outdoor large screens, as well as a series of online and offline launching actions such as lighting city super landmarks and APP opening screens, while gaining 489 million global exposure, it also helps Delong to gain more attention and interaction from target groups . The official launch of 100 home coffee recipes sharing activities, invites many lifestyle KOLs to make Delonghi blue and 100 home coffee recipes, guide users to try to use Delonghi to realize every rich moment of home life, and gather more special flavors , to start a unique journey of discovery. The coffee master flight interactive game launched on the second floor of the Tmall Delong flagship store also attracted more than 10,000 consumers to participate in the interaction to complete the card collection with innovative gameplay, and win the Delonglan special package to unlock a large number of coffee recipes.

Delong linked Tmall Super Brand Day to create an exclusive home cafe for you

The first taste of the category, an exclusive live broadcast, and a new high in the coffee machine industry

In this event, Delonghi opened the special live broadcast of the Tmall Super Brand Day of the Italian coffee machine category for the first time. Through online dialogues with every coffee star, he decrypted the creation story of the special “Blue” of Delonghi.

During the special live broadcast, in addition to inviting a number of cafe managers to enter the live room for professional teaching coffee machines, let the unique and creative boutique cafes encounter 100 creative coffee recipes from Delonghi, which brings different home fun to the audience. Mr. Zong Yanping, Managing Director of Delonghi Greater China, Lao Wang, the manager of dia coffee, and specially invited coffee professional evaluation blogger Louis Oudden to help out, launched an exclusive live broadcast on Tmall Super Brand Day, allowing the industry Big coffee leads users to play Carter to adjust the flavor.

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Delong linked Tmall Super Brand Day to create an exclusive home cafe for you

The rich customized special live broadcast content has helped the brand to increase the number of viewers on its own broadcast by 30 times. While bringing massive benefits to the audience, it has repeatedly rushed to the top 1 of the small home appliance rankings. With the support of Tmall, the daily turnover of new products in the Tmall super brand reached nearly 1 million, setting a record for the first launch of Delong’s high-end new products. Leading the trend of “home cafe”, once again established the leading position of the Delong brand in the industry.

Introduction of Tmall Super Brand Day:

Tmall Super Brand Day is the largest brand co-marketing position on the Ali platform, uniting top global brands, strengthening the digital marketing capabilities of brands through Tmall big data, launching a major communication event that combines product and effect, and creating a “brand’s own Double 11” , to achieve leap-forward growth in sales force and brand power.

Since 2015, it has cooperated with more than 200 brands and cooperated with more than 300 super products. It has become the biggest carnival day for brands to communicate with their own consumers.

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