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Denisse Guerrero Opens Up About Her ‘Temporary Retirement’ and Personal Journey back to Music

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Denisse Guerrero Opens Up About Her ‘Temporary Retirement’ and Personal Journey back to Music

Mexican Pop Singer Denisse Guerrero Returns to the Stage After a ‘Temporary Retirement’

Denisse Guerrero, the renowned vocalist and leader of the Mexican pop band Belanova, has made a surprising comeback after a two-year hiatus from the music industry. In 2018, Guerrero announced her ‘temporary retirement’ and disappeared from the public eye, even relocating from Mexico City and refraining from using social media or making any appearances in the media.

In a recent interview with Glamor magazine, the 43-year-old singer opened up about her decision, revealing that she had been going through an existential crisis. Guerrero realized that her life as an artist was not bringing her the fulfillment she desired, which ultimately led to her self-imposed ‘exile’. Throughout this period, she received unwavering support from her bandmates.

During her five-year absence, Guerrero embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. She focused on improving herself as an individual, exploring new interests and passions, and developing resilience against criticism. To achieve these goals, the singer underwent a period of introspection and sought therapy, delving deeper into her own psyche, improving her mental health, and becoming more emotionally intelligent.

Additionally, Guerrero utilized this time to sharpen her artistic and musical skills. She took singing and piano classes, dedicating herself to honing her craft. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, as she also encountered unforeseen challenges along the way.

In a shocking revelation, Guerrero disclosed that she had faced a life-threatening situation during her retreat. She visited the doctor and was diagnosed with a two-kilogram tumor, which posed a significant health risk, with a 50% chance of being cancerous. Fortunately, the tumor was successfully removed, but the ordeal added to the turmoil she experienced during her absence. Furthermore, Guerrero had to cope with the loss of her father, who had been a steadfast supporter of her decision to take a break from music.

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Despite these trying circumstances, Denisse Guerrero now appears to be ready to return to the stage. The Belanova vocalist has announced that the popular musical group will make a comeback next March, performing at various festivals including Bésame Mucho and Pa’l Norte. Fans eagerly anticipate their long-awaited return to the limelight.

With her renewed sense of purpose and newfound resilience, Denisse Guerrero is poised to reclaim her status as one of Mexico’s most beloved pop artists. Her personal journey and triumphant return to music serve as an inspiration to fans and artists alike, demonstrating the importance of self-reflection, growth, and the pursuit of one’s true passions.

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