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Designer Feng Chen Wang and Converse: A Collaboration Centered on Creativity, Friendship, and Authenticity

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Designer Feng Chen Wang and Converse: A Collaboration Centered on Creativity, Friendship, and Authenticity

FenG CHen wANG and CONVERSE Collaborate to Create Unique “My Half” Sneaker Collection

In a recent interview with ELLE, designer FenG CHen wANG discusses the inspiration and collaboration process behind the new FenG CHen wANG and CONVERSE joint series. When asked about the biggest highlight of the collection, FenG CHen wANG expressed that the pair of low-top shoes completely restored the story inspiration of “My Half,” conveying a “heartbroken” feeling. This marks the first time she has created low-top shoes since joining hands with CONVERSE, adding an exciting new dimension to the collaboration.

FenG CHen wANG also highlighted the great support provided by CONVERSE throughout the entire process, including strategic thinking for globalization. She emphasized that the relationship with CONVERSE is a complementary and supportive one, with both parties providing help and support to each other. This has made the entire cooperation process a happy one for FenG CHen wANG.

The Chuck 70 shoes hold a special meaning for FenG CHen wANG, who described them as the “other half” to her creative process. Having purchased her first pair as a teenager, she has always been impressed by their versatility and practicality. This personal connection inspired her to create a joint series based on the Chuck 70 when she officially collaborated with CONVERSE in 2018.

When asked about the inspiration for the joint collaboration, FenG CHen wANG explained that the distressing on the upper of the Chuck 70 shoes symbolizes the friendship and memories she shares with the item. The deconstructed design aims to bridge the cultural essence of FenG CHen wANG and CONVERSE, showcasing the brand’s DNA through authenticity and detail.

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FenG CHen wANG hopes that consumers will remember the artistic concept of “two-in-one” and the original spirit conveyed by the My Half series. She stressed the importance of the series’ creative concept of “finding the other half” and the unique story behind it.

In addition to discussing the joint brand, FenG CHen wANG shared her experience during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, where she hand-painted every pair of shoes worn by the models. She also orchestrated a “tea party” on the streets of Paris, inspired by her cultural heritage and love for tea.

Despite the intense work every year, FenG CHen wANG maintains strong energy and imagination through her dreams and passion for creation. She emphasized the importance of having a sense of mission and a steady stream of creative motivation as an original designer.

Looking to the future, FenG CHen wANG revealed plans for groundbreaking developments, including the opening of her brand’s first flagship store. She expressed her hope to continue bringing fresh expectations and surprises through her brand in the future.

Overall, the joint collaboration with CONVERSE represents a unique way for FenG CHen wANG to combine her personal brand style with innovative design concepts. The “My Half” series embodies the brand’s gene of always maintaining innovation and creating new possibilities.

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