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Designer Tim Sale is dead. Among his successes “Batman: The Long Halloween”

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Designer Tim Sale is dead.  Among his successes “Batman: The Long Halloween”

The well-known American cartoonist Tim Sale has died. The artist was 66 years old: the news of his death was given by his Twitter account and then confirmed by DC Comics. Sale was best known for his work alongside Jeph Loeb in Batman: The Long Halloween e Superman. “It is with great sorrow that I announce that Tim Sale died today”, was written on his Twitter account. “He went away surrounded by his wife’s affection.” The announcement is then followed by a request to send photos and souvenirs of Sale, with the intention of sharing them with the community and paying him a gift. He became famous for his essential, graphic style, endowed with a taste for stylized characters in the features and for somehow grotesque designs.

Dc Comics, the memory: “He was an incredible artist”
Among the first to remember Tim Sale was DC Comics, for which the artist had worked at Batman: The Long Halloween: “He was an incredible artist, his iconic character designs had real human depth, and his innovation in page design changed the way an entire generation thinks about comics. Our condolences go out to his family and his friends. We will miss him deeply ”.

Among its capovalues ​​is Batman: The Long Halloween
Batman: The Long Halloween it is among his best known masterpieces. It is a one-year series published between October 1996 and October 1997. It is set in the second year of activity of the Caped Crusader, the same one analyzed in The Batman. In the story, a young Bruce Wayne, still inexperienced, finds himself acting in a world where a new breed of super freaks is ready to take the place of traditional crime embodied by Carmine Falcone and his family. It is precisely the assassination of the mafia boss that triggers a series of events and murders that punctually fall on holidays. Batman must find out who the culprit is, moving through a large host of enemies as his relationship with Catwoman begins to evolve into more than just a rivalry.

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Born in 1956 in Ithaca, New York, Tim Sale was the son of Roger Sale (professor and literary critic specializing in children’s literature) and Dorothy Young. After a stint in Amherst, Massachusetts, he moved with his family to Seattle, where he spent much of his life.

He became passionate about comics by reading the stories of Spider-Man (Sale remembered that when he grew up, seeing Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2, he had a fit of nostalgia and realized that this must have been one of his first comics), only to discover all the other Marvel series. After attending the University of Washington and the New York School of Visual Arts, he began his career as a draftsman. After meeting Matt Wagner, Diana Schutz and Barbara Randall, he started working for the DC Comics publishing house. With Jeph Loeb he collaborated for some successful series such as Batman: The long HalloweenBatman: Dark Victory, Superman: Stagioni e Catwoman: When in Rome.

He also edited the drawings of Some like it hot (“Some Like It Hot”), comic story by Sam Loeb belonging to the collection Tales of the Vampires (“Tales of the Vampires”), which enriches the Buffyverse, highlighting the nemesis of the Slayers: vampires. He collaborated with director Joss Whedon on the making of Virtuous (“Righteous”), comic episode contained in Tales of the Hunters (“Buffy: Tales of the Slayers”), centered on a girl’s discovery that she is the chosen one to fight the forces of evil; demonstrating superhuman strength, she saves the local population but is burned because she is suspected of being a witch. She also collaborated on the artwork for the television series Heroes.

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