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Devil’s Bridge – Fire Blades From The Tomb

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Devil’s Bridge – Fire Blades From The Tomb

(c) Cristina Ferrero

A jam session between five musicians in Turin, Italy, produced one of the most interesting dark phenomena of recent years. Provide with their EPs and singles Devil’s Bridge have been attracting underground attention since 2020, bridging the gap between doom and black metal, accompanied by a seductive voice with wave and occult rock influences. Surrounded and cheered on by contradictions and anxiety, the first complete album now lands „Fire Blades From The Tomb“.

The chaotic, rough explosion of the opening “Demone” quickly makes it clear from which direction the sweet, putrid wind is blowing. High tempo and raw black metal aesthetics collide with Erba Del Diavolo’s initially shadowy, later captivating vocals. While she practically squeezes out her lines in the brutal passages, the elegiac doom parts leave room for pleasantly disturbing catchiness, like a murderous siren. In the furious sprint of “Nocturnal Veil” even brutal growls appear, short and yet so violent, while the arrangement first staggers down a cliff and finally surprises with bizarre brass instruments – dark jazz meets doom meets black metal.

Another special feature of Ponte Del Diavolo is the use of two bass guitars for more power, more depth, more heaviness. This is exactly what comes through in the angry, harsh “Covenant”, which draws its strength predominantly from the mid-tempo and presents disturbing visions with leaden gravity. The long, epic “La Razza” sheds its skin repeatedly and searches for salvation in the midst of chaos, fucked up and anthemic at the same time. Repeatedly changing tempo, sudden explosions and uncomfortable sweetness come together. When “The Weeping Song” finally relies more on reduction and surprises with wave undertones suitable for Messa, everything is in vain.

Disturbing and yet so attractive, with this contradiction Ponte Del Diavolo establish themselves within seconds as real greats of pure madness. Astonishing force and frenzied attacks collide with massive heaviness, purist hopelessness and gripping melodies that sometimes shoot to the surface out of nowhere. “Fire Blades From The Tomb” has become a strange and engaging affair, explosive and emotionally devastating, huge and yet – even in its most furious moments – intimate in a way that is difficult to explain. The Italians score a powerful, highly fascinating hit with their debut.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: February 16, 2024
Available via: Season of Mist (Soulfood Music)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PontedelDiavolo

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