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Di Lieba and Gong Jun’s “An Le Biography” launches high-energy story to create sweet and abused love-qianlong.com.cn

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Produced by Shanghai Film and Television Media, with Cheng Tzuyu as the chief director, Ma Huaqian and Su Fei as the directors, the ancient costume sadomasochism drama “An Le Chuan” adapted from Jinjiang’s star-rated high-scoring masterpiece “The Emperor’s Book” was held on July 20 The opening ceremony and the official announcement of the starring lineup. At the start-up ceremony, the main creative personnel behind the scenes were present, and Dilraba, Gong Jun, Liu Yuning, Xia Nan, Pei Zitian and other leading actors also made their appearances. The high-value and powerful lineups gathered and attracted attention. The atmosphere at the opening ceremony was fierce. The producer Liu Jiali, the chief director Cheng Tzuyu, the directors Ma Huagan and Su Fei, the leading actors Di Lieba and Gong Jun all spoke and expressed their best wishes for the show. Create a high-quality drama series with ingenuity and sincerity.

Di Lieba and Gong Jun's

Di Lieba and Gong Jun's

Di Lieba and Gong Jun's

Di Lieba and Gong Jun's

Di Lieba and Gong Jun's

Di Lieba and Gong Jun's

Di Lieba and Gong Jun's

Di Lieba and Gong Jun collaborated for the first time in a new lineup to stage sadomasochism entanglements

The play tells a sad and touching love story between Ren Anle (played by Di Lieba) and Prince Han Ye (played by Gong Jun), the master of Anlezhai in southern Shanxi. Ren Anle was originally the emperor Zi Yuan, the orphaned daughter of the imperial family. In order to create a peaceful home for the people and to find out the truth about the injustice of the emperor’s family, he entered the court, and got to know Prince Han Ye. Together they investigated the case against foreign enemies. And the family enmity that lies between the two makes them love but can’t. How will the family enmity be resolved in the end? What are the famous scenes of abuse on the road of chasing love? It is worth looking forward to.

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“An Le Biography” is the first collaboration between Di Lieba and Gong Jun, and the high-value lineup partners are full of freshness. Di Lieba had impressive performances in previous film and television works such as “Kara Lover”, “Beautiful Li Huizhen”, “Three Lives III Pillow Book” and other film and television works. The role of Ren Anle, an alternative, resourceful and resourceful player, her inner conflicts and entanglements are in stark contrast to her open-mindedness and temperament. Her brave, free and easy, tough and wise character may bring new surprises to the audience; Gong Junyin “From Marriage” “Starting to Love” and “Shanhe Ling” have received widespread attention. They are super plastic and have countless fans of the characters’ inner delicate emotions. This time, the fortitude and perseverance of the Grand Prince Han Ye will be interpreted in the play. He is between his homeland, family and love. Among the various contradictions and entanglements, he kept sacrificing himself to keep his promises and responsibilities. The affectionate and decisive side is touching; and Liu Yuning plays the gentle and elegant Luo Mingxi in the play, whose delicate appearance fits well with the role. In addition to several heavyweight starring actors, Xia Nan, Pei Zitian, Chen Kexiao, Li Shuting, Wang Yiting, Long Shuiting, Shang Xinyue, Qin Xiaoxuan, Bai Bingke, Zhang Yikai, Danyal Doric and other fresh lineups joined , The collision of multiple roles makes the audience’s expectations for the series bursting.

Douban’s high-score IP attracts high expectations, the director of “Shanhe Ling” brings top-notch behind-the-scenes to create and remake explosive

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“An Le Biography” is adapted from the “Emperor Book” by Jinjiang ancient style popular author. The original book itself has a huge fan base. Not only has it received a high score of 8.4 on Douban, but also has a five-star praise rate of over 53%, making it numerous As soon as the news of the film-making of the script for the outstanding novels in ancient costume themes, the whole network immediately aroused the expectation of the whole network. The adaptation of the new drama “The Legend of An Le” takes the story of Emperor Ziyuan as the main line of the story of the return of the imperial family to the court. The ups and downs are full of suspense and the refreshing story. The vivid and three-dimensional character image is presented with a visual lens. In addition, the drama integrates the protagonist’s deep sadistic love and growth in adversity, from acquaintance to mutual affection to identity opposition, under the setting of “double power” characters, the ultimate sadistic emotional entanglement and destiny entangled deep affection. Guardian, always intriguing the audience’s various moods, the love story of sweet and abuse is worth looking forward to.

In order to present “An Le Biography” to the audience with the best quality, the play is managed by Shanghai Film and Television Media, a top company that has excellent dramas such as “Painting the World” and “The Master”, insisting on creating the best with ingenuity and details. High-quality works, full of sincerity. At the same time, the play also invited the producer Liu Jiali, the chief director Cheng Tzuyu, directors Ma Huaqian, Su Fei and other behind-the-scenes teams. Among them, Cheng Ziyu and Ma Huaqian, as the directors of “Mountain River Order”, have a good understanding of the costume drama. With his own unique insights and shooting techniques, the strong combination may bring more surprises to the audience on the basis of following the original work, and continue the hot style.

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It is reported that “An Le Biography” has now entered an intense filming stage. Novel and compact stories, emotional clues intertwined with sweetness and abuse, and unswerving family and country feelings are bound to bring an irresistible visual feast to the audience.


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