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DIMMU BORGIR – Profane Inspiration

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DIMMU BORGIR – Profane Inspiration

Profane inspiration
(Black Metal | Death Metal)

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: (EP)

Release: 08.12.2023

We thought it was about time to finally compile the cover songs we’ve done over the years and give these renditions an updated mastering, all in one package, highlighting some of our many influences!Silent

Things have been a bit quiet lately around symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR, who have probably been waiting due to the pandemic. The last work “Eonian” was five years ago and a successor is not yet in sight, but with “Inspiratio Profanus” the Norwegians now have something up their sleeve in the form of a cover EP.

The men have chosen some unsurprising sources of inspiration – as the title suggests – but also a few surprises up their sleeves. Starting with VENOM and their biggest hit “Black Metal” through the Viking Metal pioneers BATHORY from Sweden to CELTIC FROST and their classic “Nocturnal Fear”, which is represented in two versions, everything that could be expected is there . The whole thing is of course well implemented, equipped with a fat sound and provided with the necessary Dimmu vibe, even if the band’s own bombast is largely avoided.

But with ACCEPT, TWISTED SISTER and DEEP PURPLE they deliver smaller and larger surprises. Accordingly, the Norwegians had more leeway to adapt and they did it more than passably and should equally satisfy their fans and also enrage friends of the original bands. So everything was done correctly. The whole thing is rounded off with the previously unknown Industrial Metal band GGFH from the States.

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Even if “Inspiration Profanus” can’t completely console the fact that the Norwegian great hasn’t delivered anything new for years, fans – as long as you can do something with cover songs – should be satisfied and a small but nice bridge to the next album.

Tracklist „Eonian“:

1. Black Metal (VENOM)
2. Satan My Master (BATHORY)
3. Dead Men Don’t Rape (G.G.F.H.)
4. Nocturnal Fear (CELTIC FROST)
5. Burn In Hell (TWISTED SISTER)
6. Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)
7. Metal Heart (ACCEPT)
8. Nocturnal Fear (Celtically Processed) (CELTIC FROST)
Total playing time: 31:48


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