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Dior’s 2023 latest autumn men’s wear series big show officially debut | Hypebeast

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Dior’s 2023 latest autumn men’s wear series big show officially debut | Hypebeast

After DIOR joined hands with ERL to release the 2023 spring men’s wear series show in May, it recently went to Egypt’s Giza Pyramids (The Pyramids of Giza) to release the 2023 autumn men’s wear series show, showing 75 sets of new clothes created by men’s wear creative director Kim Jones. Accessories, based on the many images implied in “Guidance by the Stars”, explain the inheritance spirit of maintaining the past and focusing on the future, and pay tribute to the wisdom of ancient Egypt.

In this collection, a rich desert palette is complemented by shades of gray – the radiance from dawn to dusk, and the fiery but fleeting afterglow of sunsets. Star imagery runs through the entire series, creating various star prints with creativity and flexibility.

Inheriting classical craftsmanship, applying the creative concept of present and future: Integrating women’s clothing silhouettes into men’s clothing tailoring; combining the technical details of haute couture uniforms with the technological functionality of outerwear; interpreting classic embroidery in a futuristic style; leather goods Fashion accessories are redefined in terms of their fundamental utility; shoes are created with futurism in mind, but still retain the spirit of blending modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. This season’s design achieves luxury aesthetics with comfort, pragmatism and gentlemanly elegance.

Like the progression of the annual rings of history, this season’s styling is stacked with different themes of fabrics, outerwear and accessories, forming layers of cocoon-like covering and protection. Sheer technical jacquard fabrics created with innovative technology reveal exquisitely tailored suits and unique coat creations. Inspired by the asymmetrical pleated skirt called Bonne Fortune released in the 50s, the new horsehair-like wool half kilt pays homage to the combination of traditional men’s clothing and new technological elements. Both comfort and practicality can be called the ultimate luxury.

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