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“Director, please advise” allows more talented directors to be seen-Xinhuanet.com

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Well-known director Guan Jinpeng participated in “Director’s advice”.

Tencent Video’s live-streaming film and television directors’ competitive reality show “Director’s Advice” simulates the discourse field faced by directors from the industry to the public in reality, and reproduces the multi-dimensional evaluation system of a film and television work in an open discussion environment. The program has continuously attracted attention and heated discussions since its inception, objectively narrowing the distance between the film and television industry and the audience, allowing talented young directors in the industry to be seen more, and paving the way for their future big screen works. The audience.

The open discourse field reproduces the real multi-dimensional evaluation system

The film is both artistic and commercial, which makes it not only carry the self-expression of the creator, but also need to consider the audience’s acceptance. How to balance the artistry and commerciality of a film is a problem that every director who decides to enter the market needs to solve, and it is also the focus of controversy after the film is released. “Director please advise” by creating an open discourse field, it partially restores the public opinion environment that the director will face after the film is released, and neither avoids contradictions nor fears the occurrence of topics.

After the broadcast of “Crazy Aliens” directed by Liang Long, the live debate was fierce: the professional film crew appreciated the director’s strong personal style, but the public film crew said that they couldn’t understand it; Degner directed “Return to Burrough” “Root River” also triggered a collision of different views: some viewers said they were hit in their hearts and kept crying, and some viewers felt that the narrative techniques were old and not touching. Regardless of good or bad reviews, the establishment of such an open and multi-dimensional discourse field has its own value. It urges all parties on the scene to move towards a more diversified and deeper professional interpretation and interpretation of the film during the interaction, and also inspires the audience in front of the screen to understand and recognize the film.

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Let the director who was originally behind the scenes stand in front of the stage and listen to the evaluation of the work by different groups in the open discourse field. It is indeed a bit harsh. But as a film director, you ultimately need to face the cruel test of the film market, and you need to find a balance between self-expression and audience perception. Producer Chen Zhixi repeatedly emphasized: “Business and art are not contradictory. There must be a good movie that can have both.” It is understood that the follow-up of “Director Please Advice” also arranged for the director’s short film to be screened offline to accept theater audiences. Of review. The simulation of real settings in the show helps the director to adapt to the film market in advance.

Bring the audience closer to see the talented director

For the film and television industry, the public’s attention is usually focused on the star actors in front of the stage. In fact, the creative team with the director as the core is the backbone of determining the level of a film and television work. “Director, please advise” through the variety show’s performance techniques, led the audience to get closer to the profession they were interested in, but in fact they didn’t know much about it-director. In the show, the audience saw the talent and creativity of young directors such as Zeng Zeng and Degna through short films. The directors also increased their popularity and gained more experience and opportunities in cooperation with the producers.

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Zeng Zeng was not very well-known before participating in “Director Please Advice”. Most audiences who know her also think that she is a director who takes the line of the film festival and expresses the author. However, the short film “Love” she produced in the first stage of the show was both artistic and commercial, which won applause from the audience and gave the public a new understanding of her. Producer Chen Zhixi was moved to tears after watching “Love”. She confessed that she rejected the variety show at the beginning, but the program team has been persuading her to participate, and maybe she can meet a director she admires. “After watching this film (“Love”), I think it’s worth it. No matter which producer or teacher you belong to, I think you have a promising future.”

The times have created movies, and they have also created film directors. The Internet era has provided a huge amount of information and distracted the public’s attention. Many talented directors are difficult to be seen by a wider audience, and therefore it is difficult to obtain the funds, actors, distribution channels and other resources needed for film creation. “Director Please Advice” uses the logic of the variety show system to build a stage. Through short film works, less well-known excellent directors in the film and television industry can be seen by more audiences, so as to win more attention and provide more support for them; Through the “window” of variety shows, the audience can observe the real state behind the scenes of the film and television from a close range, thereby having a deeper understanding and understanding of the film and television industry and film and television works, which has promoted the two-way rush of film and television creators and audiences.

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Writer/Beijing News reporter Yang Lianjie


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