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“Discovering Magical Two or Three Things” “Harry Potter” Chinese Audiobook Launched in Himalaya_News_China Net Business Channel

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“Discovering Magical Two or Three Things” “Harry Potter” Chinese Audiobook Launched in Himalaya_News_China Net Business Channel

Liang Changyu’s report has exceeded 2.4 million in just one more day! On June 21, 2022, the world‘s first officially authorized Chinese audiobook of “Harry Potter” was officially launched in Himalaya, bringing a new way to open the “magic world” for the majority of fans of the world.

Yesterday, all 44 episodes of the first work in the series “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” were launched in Himalaya, and listeners can listen to enough at one time. Today, the second Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has also started an update, and listeners can listen to the first two episodes, which are currently live, for free. At the same time, from today to the 26th, the dubbing team of the Chinese audiobook of “Harry Potter”, popular podcast anchors and famous teachers will bring a series of live broadcasts about “Harry Potter” in Himalaya, and Everyone shares their thoughts on Harry Potter and helps listeners “discover a thing or two about magic”.

From 20:00 to 21:00 tonight, Jiang Guangtao, Yu Haowei and Liu Xiaoqian, the dubbing team of “Harry Potter” officially authorized Chinese audiobooks, will invite the audience to enter the “Harry Potter” Audiobook Dubbing Actors Live Room” , listen to the creative team talk about the story behind the production of the “Harry Potter” audiobook.

From 17:00 to 18:00 today, Ji Shaoting, the founder and CEO of the technology and cultural brand “Future Affairs Administration”, the new media editor-in-chief and the anchor UU, will join hands with the famous pop culture scholar and JK Rowling, Harry Poe, who has been liked by JK Rowling. Special Coser Lin Pin, live together to discuss the topic of “If you entered Hogwarts, which house would you want to enter”. Whether it is the Lion House, the Snake House, the Eagle House or the Badger House, you can express yourself to your favorite school in the live broadcast.

The work of “Harry Potter” has gained a large number of Chinese fans, and it is inseparable from the translation teacher’s understanding and interpretation of the text. From 20:00 to 21:00 on June 23, Hong Huang, a famous writer and media person, Uncle Luo, a senior podcast producer, and Ma Bo, the editor in charge of the book “Harry Potter” of People’s Daily Publishing House, will discuss with them from a professional point of view. The audience “talked about the ingenious translation of the People’s Literature Publishing House version of “Harry Potter” and learned how the excellent translation of “Harry Potter” was “made”.

From 20:00 to 21:00 on June 24th, three well-known anchors – Jin Hua, anchor of “Black Water Park”, Liang Bo, anchor of “Unofficial History and Wine”, and Zhang Zhihao, anchor of “Zhang Zhihao Talks History” – will be in the live broadcast room with The audience shared “what we learned from Harry Potter” to help the audience understand “Harry Potter” from more different perspectives and hear more “doorways”.

In the live broadcast from 19:00 to 20:00 on June 25, the ace anchor of the Himalaya platform has millions of fans, the “wild researcher” of decades of strange folk culture, and the anchor known as the “Pu Songling” of the Himalayas. Yang Pai will be a guest at the Himalaya live broadcast room. This time, the research topic of this “wild researcher” will be “the magical ‘history’ of the late-night teahouse”. Listeners who want to know about the past and present of magic, don’t miss this live broadcast.

For many post-80s, post-90s and even post-00s, “Harry Potter” is not only a story to accompany everyone growing up, but also a childhood memory of many people. From 19:00 to 20:00 on June 26, the four anchors of the podcast “Qianliang Hutong”, Savage, Boring, Dajiezi and Dazhe will recall “Harry Potter in memory” together in the live broadcast room. Fans can come to this live broadcast and share their little memories related to “Harry Potter” together. This is destined to be a night full of “memories to kill”.

In order to bring a more realistic and vivid magical experience to the audience, Himalaya cooperated with the top dubbing agency Photosynthetic Building Blocks, and invited Jiang Guangtao and other outstanding dubbing actors to perform the Chinese audiobook of “Harry Potter”, and kept improving in the production process, from text to sound effects. All carefully polished. Because of this, the Chinese audiobook of “Harry Potter” has been online for just over a day, and has already received more than 2.4 million listens and a high score of 9.7. Nearly 3,000 listeners expressed their love for the album by leaving a message on the album page.

The launch of the Chinese audiobook of “Harry Potter” has not only made “Harry Potter fans” happy, but also many popular podcasts on the platform have joined the discussion one after another, launching podcasts on topics related to “Harry Potter”, with The audience discussed some interesting details in the original book together, filling the atmosphere of the “magic world“. For example, the podcast “Thulium Sci-Fi Radio”, which focuses on fantasy elements and exploring new worlds, launched the program “The True Magic of Harry Potter: Embracing the Power of Diversity and Flaws”, indicating that “Harry Potter” not only teaches The love and courage of the majority of “Ha fans” in growing up also tells about the precious spirit of today’s era, that is, “the embrace of diversity and defects”; the podcast “Asia! Gua’s informal spellcasting guide, magic doesn’t seem to be that difficult”, and we will study the spells and magic in “Harry Potter” with everyone, as well as the metaphysical development process behind these magics; financial science radio station “Qianliang Hutong FM” From the perspective of economics, “Harry Potter” will talk to the audience about the monetary system and financial institutions in the magical world that everyone is very interested in, such as “money”… These topics are rich Colorful and open-minded, making the audience hooked.

“I’d rather believe I’m a Muggle than believe that this world doesn’t have magic.” For “Harry fans”, “Harry Potter” represents not only the wizarding world, but also the most imaginative experience growing up. The launch of the Chinese audiobook of “Harry Potter”, as well as the live broadcast of the Himalayan “Discover Magic Two and Three Things” series and the rich sharing and discussion of “Harry Potter” on the platform, once again triggered a “haha” Leigh Porter fever”.

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