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“Dispossession”, or when the mother is a time bomb

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“Dispossession”, or when the mother is a time bomb

What happens when your mother can be a bomb? Good question. His answer from her, if he had one? “Dispossession” is a good start to that search. An incident at the psychiatrist’s office causes Lila, the mother in question, to go into overdrive and strip herself of all the family’s assets.

“Despojo” was part, exactly one year ago, of the Patricia Suárez Festival, a meeting organized by the Neuquén actress and director Silvana Feliziani to celebrate the playwriting of the Rosario playwright and narrator. There were four works of which “Despojo” was one of them. This weekend he returns to the stage with two performances, this Saturday and Sunday, both at 9 p.m., in the El Arrimadero Teatro hall (Misiones 234, Neuquén). (see separate)

“Despojo is a very crazy comedy that will keep the viewer with a lot of tension and with a humor that not only entertains, but also questions some things that happen or are raised during the course of the play in a very bizarre way. Above all, the idea of ​​getting rid of everything,” says Silvana Feliziani, co-director of the staging together with Alejandra Kasjan.

“Dispossession”, by Patricia Suárez, this weekend in El Arrimadero.

The work, says Feliziani in a contact with Rio Negro Newspaper, “it talks about family ties and how Lila is operating, this mother who is overwhelmed and after a family bomb is unleashed where this mother has an incident in her psychiatrist’s office. That overflow that happens causes that bomb to be activated and a series of events occur in this family, all very hilarious and funny, but which also invite us to reflect.”

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“Dispossession”, by Patricia Suárez, this weekend in El Arrimadero.

This comedy dives through different emotional changes, it has a lot of mutation not only in its dramaturgy but also the characters change and go through different emotional stages and this at the same time makes the viewer follow that emotional rhythm that the work proposes that keeps everyone in state of alert.

The staging of “Despojo” is the third of the four works that stood out from the Patricia Suárez Festival, emerging from the production workshop that Silvana Feliziani has directed for more than ten years. Before, “Carmencita” and “Elisabeta and other books to be written” had been replaced. This weekend it is the turn of “Dispossession”.

«Dispossession»: file and dates

Dramaturgy: Patricia Suarez

Co-direction: Silvana Feliziani and Alejandra Kasjan

They act: Darío Abreu, Lucas Albanesi, Leticia Pérez and Analía Rubesa.

Scenography: Alejandra Kasjan

Graphic design: laotrajulia

Features: this Saturday, at 9 p.m.; and on Sunday, at 9 p.m.

Sala: El Arrimadero Teatro (Misiones 234, Neuquén).

Appetizer: $3500.

reservations at 299 422-5214

Alias ​​CVU: DarioAbreuMP

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