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Do-it-yourself recharge (illegal) appears in August

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Do-it-yourself recharge (illegal) appears in August

It happens in Galicia, and not in southern Italy, as some right-thinking people may have imagined. Precisely in Poio, Pontevedra. The Municipality police receive an anonymous call, and find it hard to believe: “A scooter that recharges from a street lamp? Illegally Ok, here we come … “.

But it wasn’t a joke. All true. The agents found themselves in front of a Renault Twizy in ‘flagrant’ charging. Finding the owner was then the easiest thing, and he turned out to be a former electrician from Granada: for him the accusation of a minor crime of electrical fraud and almost an appreciation (so to speak) of what he had done, in as the Twizy has only 7.2 kWh of battery and an integrated Schuko socket as a recharge. Not just any. So the guy, as you can see from the photos, got busy.

And to think that in the Netherlands, in Arnhem, the municipality itself has decided to install recharging points in public street lamps. How? With two charging points on each lamppost in some. Obviously for a fee, not for free. For the type of Granada the problem would remain.

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