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Does Santa Claus exist or not? If and when it is right to tell children

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Does Santa Claus exist or not?  If and when it is right to tell children

When should we tell the little ones that Santa Claus doesn’t exist? Is there a right time or not? How you do it? It was talked about and even after that a religious teacher revealed it to her class in an elementary school in Florence. The parents got angry in a first fiery and then even public class chat. Some even called it “a cruel gesture”.

Many have thought about when and how to tell children the truth about Santa Claus, There is even an American study that tried to understand whether any children experienced the revelation as a “trauma”.. Of the total sample, only one girl: her father had told her that he had died of a heart attack. But who knows what else he might have told her, one wonders.

Like every aspect of children’s lives, over the years, different schools of thought and strategies have accumulated. Let’s make some firm points. First, questioning the wizarding world is part of growing up. In short, it is absolutely normal at a certain point to ask ourselves whether in a world where no one flies and there are no chimneys, is there anyone other than Amazon capable of delivering packages around the world in a single night. Here the question becomes clearer: to say or not that the good, bearded old man It’s a problem for the parents, not the children.

Again in the United States they took the trouble to identify an average age, which would be eight and a half years. Between seven and ten, the magic begins to falter. If you have any doubts, what should you do? Second researcher and therapist Emily Edlynnauthor of the bestseller Autonomy-Supportive Parenting and founder of a blog – The Art and Science of Mom – dedicated to «helping families find calm in the chaos», we must first of all understand if the child is asking because he missed the point or if he is still looking for reassurance. «When they are ready to say goodbye to the magical tradition, they will be the ones to say “it doesn’t exist, right?” and they won’t ask, for example, how he can be everywhere at the same time – explains Edlynn -. They will be the first to talk about it with their peers, at which point the challenge is to find a way to preserve the magic of Christmas.”

Easy said, hard to do. The advice of scholars of the subject is to replace magic with another magic. At this point things get difficult, the advice tortuous and demanding. A good idea came from an anonymous parent, who wrote a post on Facebook with a simple and clever idea that has been echoed thousands and thousands of times. Of all the possible strategies, this seems to us to be the best one for detachment. When Santa Claus doesn’t exist, tell him it’s time he became Santa Claus. The anonymous parent invited his son for a hot chocolate and, sitting at the table, told him this.

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“You’ve grown so much this year. Not only are you taller, but I know your heart has grown too. And your heart has grown so much, I think you’re ready to be a Santa Claus. You’ve probably noticed that most of the Santas you see around are people dressed like him. Some of your friends may have even told you that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. A lot of kids think that, because they’re not ready to be a Santa Claus yet, but you are.”

And then? And then we ask the child to choose someone he knows. His mission will be to secretly discover something the person needs. Find it, pack it, deliver it. Because being a Santa Claus doesn’t mean getting an advantage for yourself, but thinking for others.

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