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Don Roberto Repole will be the new archbishop of Turin

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Don Roberto Repole will be the new archbishop of Turin

VATICAN CITY. Don Roberto Repole will be the new archbishop of Turin. Pope Francis has dissolved the reservations in these hours, appointing the Turin theologian as successor of Monsignor Cesare Nosiglia. The announcement is scheduled for noon tomorrow.

Repole, born in 1967, director of the Theological Faculty of Turin and former president of the Italian theologians, obtained a license and a doctorate in Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He was particularly concerned with the relationship between the Church and contemporary culture. Among his most significant works we can point out: «Church, fullness of man. Beyond postmodernity: G. Marcel and H. de Lubac »(Glossa 2002); «The humble thought. Listening to the Revelation ”(New Town 2007); “The humility of the Church” (Qiqajon 2010); «Like stars on earth. The Church in the age of secularization “(Cittadella 2012); “Gift” (Rosenberg & Sellier, 2013); “The Christian life” (San Paolo 2013); «Church» (Cittadella 2015).

In the dark times of the explosion of the pandemic, in April 2020, in an interview with La Stampa he exhorted to “train in solidarity”, highlighting that in those dark months, while the stock exchanges in the world collapsed, “those of our parishes are enriching with offerings for the poor ».

Until the (not yet fixed) settlement of Repole, which will also have to be elevated to the rank of bishop, the diocese will obviously be ruled by Monsignor Nosiglia, 77 years old, archbishop under the Mole and guardian of the Shroud since October 2010, extended by the Pontiff for more than two years.

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