Home Entertainment Donnie Yen’s new film “The Legend of Qiao Feng” leads the popularity of word-of-mouth and explodes as the hero of the country.

Donnie Yen’s new film “The Legend of Qiao Feng” leads the popularity of word-of-mouth and explodes as the hero of the country.

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Donnie Yen’s new film “The Legend of Qiao Feng” leads the popularity of word-of-mouth and explodes as the hero of the country.

Entertainment China News On January 23, the costumed martial arts action masterpiece“The Legend of Qiao Feng in the Eight Parts of Tianlong”Now showing on the three major platforms of iQiyi, Tencent Video and Youkuas the only martial arts film for the Spring Festival on the Internet, the film quickly soared to the TOP1 of the three-platform movie list as soon as it was broadcast, and the score rose from 8.6 to 8.8. It is still showing an increasing trend, and it is discussed on Douban, Weibo and other platforms , Word of mouth is rising steadily, and it is known as the number one cool film of online movies in 2023.

After the film was released in theaters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, North America and other countries and regions, the box office has been rising all the way. The box office in Malaysia led the box office of the same period, becoming the box office champion of Malaysian New Year’s films; Singapore’s box office is currently No. 1 in the same period. Two, momentum is strong.The real sense of martial arts, the passionate disputes between the rivers and lakes, and the martial arts world of swords and swords make the audience passionate.

The classic reappearance is suitable for all ages, and the Spring Festival feelings of Wudong remain unchanged

“Dragon Babu: The Legend of Qiao Feng” is adapted from Jin Yong’s classic martial arts novel “Dragon Babu”. “.

The action scenes in the film are high-energy and shocking. It not only perfectly restores many superb martial arts in Jin Yong’s martial arts novels: Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, Dog Beating Stick Technique, Flame Knife, Dragon Claw Hand, Star Shifting, etc., but also reproduces Bei Qiaofeng (played by Donnie Yen) And Nan Murong (Wu Yue) two peerless masters’ top duel, at the same time, the scene of Qiao Feng’s battle with the martial arts heroes in Juxianzhuang is also refreshing and refreshing.

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“Dragon Babu: The Legend of Qiao Feng” premiered on New Year’s EveDuring the Spring Festival, many people choose to watch movies with their families, or revisit the classics, or contact them for the first time. The martial arts feelings are passed down from generation to generation, and the atmosphere of the New Year is full. It’s a real skill.”

Donnie Yen's new film

“In the rivers and lakes, love and hatred are hard to get rid of”, in addition to the hearty action scenes, the delicate growth line in “The Legend of Qiao Feng in the Eight Parts of the Dragon”, the love and hatred among the people in the rivers and lakes, the righteousness of the nation and the feelings of family and country, also moving.

In Qiao Feng’s single-handedly going to Juxian Village to save Azhu, and voluntarily abdicating the head of the beggar gang for Quan Renyi, a large number of bullet screens emerged, and Qiao Feng was praised one after another, saying that he deserved to be the “No. 1 hero”. Netizens also commented These plots “isn’t that why everyone likes martial arts”.At the same time, the audience is also very satisfied with the shaping of female characters such as Ah Zhu and Ah Zi, calling them “women with independent thinking”.

Donnie Yen's new film

Overseas word-of-mouth continued to lead Donnie Yen called for the revival of martial arts films

“The Legend of Qiao Feng” is not only popular online, but also has a high popularity offline. After the film was released in theaters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, etc., the word-of-mouth is hot. The combination of Donnie Yen and martial arts gave the audience a real texture.

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Some viewers commented after the screening: “Donnie Yen played hard and stylish”, “Superb skills, smooth story, worth watching”. The film’s reputation in Hong Kong has been rising all the way, scoring as high as 4.7 points on multiple websites, and even surpassing “Slam Dunk” in the same period on the HongKongMovieAPP.

Donnie Yen's new film

After the film was released in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and other overseas regions, the feelings and spirit of Chinese martial arts have conquered many audiences, and the box office has repeatedly hit new highs. The release scores in some overseas regions even surpassed “Ip Man 4”.

The film is very attractive in terms of subject matter and cast, and overseas audiences yearn for the world of martial arts,After the screening, the audience expressed that “The Legend of Qiao Feng” was full of sincerity, and it was fun to play and watch. Donnie Yen once expressed the hope that there would be a martial arts film that would allow foreigners who have never read Jin Yong’s novels to feel the splendor of Chinese martial arts. At the same time, he also said, “Chinese martial arts films can revive their glory.” The “going to sea” of “The Legend of Qiao Feng” also allowed more overseas audiences to see the unique charm of Chinese martial arts.

Donnie Yen's new film

The movie “The Legend of Qiao Feng in the Eight Parts of the Dragon” is produced by Xiamen Zizai Mutual Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd., Fujian Quanzhou Unlimited Free Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xiamen Popu Culture Co., Ltd., Western National Copyright Exchange Center Co., Ltd., Chengdu Tianfu Film Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Youku Film Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Longyue Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xiamen Zizai Interactive Produced by Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Leverage Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and exclusively announced by Xiamen Zizai Interactive Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd.

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