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Don’t worry, company fleet cars are getting cleaner

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ROME. Car care first of all. According to a B2B market research – commissioned by Wash Out, a home-based and eco-sustainable car washing company, and conducted by the SWG research company on the company vehicle wash service in Italy – companies are paying more and more attention to the cleaning of their fleets of Automobiles.

The interior cleaning has conquered the first step of the podium, making an unexpected leap forward: 63% of the companies interviewed declare that it is carried out every day, with a + 14% compared to the pre-pandemic period. The frequency with which external cleaning is carried out is also increasing, but with less intensity (+ 8%).

According to the numbers of this research, the cost of cleaning the car itself has also changed. For exactly half of the sample analyzed, it grew by an average of 25% compared to the pre-pandemic period. 55% of the interviewees also agree in stating that cleaning vehicles requires not a little effort in terms of work, while almost all of the sample considers the operation burdensome in terms of resources used and 14% even problematic.

60% of companies that rent their entire fleet or even a part of it, do not exclude the possibility of being interested in an all-inclusive rental-cleaning package, but only 6% say they already have this type of service. Finally, among the most appreciated features, in first place with 54% we find the eco-sustainability aspect of the service, followed by home washing (37%) and time savings (36%).

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