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DOOL – The Shape of Fluidity – Album Review

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DOOL – The Shape of Fluidity – Album Review

DOOL – The Shape of Fluidity
Origin: Netherlands
Release: 19.04.2024
Label: Prophecy Records
Duration: 49:42
Genre: Post Rock / Atmospheric Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Heavy Metal

Photo Credit David Fitt

What change feels like is what it will be like Raven van Dorst to be able to sing an eternal song and to make this feeling audible to the world Raven their emotionally charged band DOOL as a creative release valve.

After the outstanding debut Here Now, There Then and the equally great second album Summerland, the next album is now ready to take us on a new personal journey. Thematically, the Dutch deal with the physical and psychological change of individuals and underline this with their unique mix of rock and metal. You can be excited, great things await you.

The first playthrough left me with no doubts: this is a musical treasure, peppered with shiny pearls, heavy gold and of inestimable value for the music world.

A board, from opener to closer

Sea Raven All band members were involved in the songwriting and this is taken into account The Shape of Fluidity in its entirety. Immediately the opener Venus In Flames With its powerful rock and powerful guitar lines, it underlines what modern rock should sound like. Above all, the catchy hook made of psychedelic riffs sets everything apart. Pure madness is the voice of Raven, it sounds even more feminine, even more melodic and despite all its fragility, the singing doesn’t lose its power. I love this interaction.

The following is a first-class breaker and a fantastic number Self-Dissect. How can you write such a wonderful song where everything really fits. Guitar solos to kneel down and harmonious songwriting that only a few bands can achieve. In fact, I’m still having trouble with it Summerland, because for me it wasn’t the logical sequel to their debut. So I’m really surprised by this album because I didn’t expect it to be so dominant and for me it’s the band’s coherent musical continuation.

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Gentle and aggressive, no contradiction

Anyone on old ones The Sister of Mercy Number starts, should definitely be the mega strong Evil in You listen. Think of me when you listen to the chorus, close your eyes and think of the legend from Great Britain. The first single release is also invigorating Hermagorgon HERE through its mix of gentle vocal melodies and aggressive guitar riffs body and mind.

You can hear the conflict in the songs, every little feeling is perfectly translated into music and the result is nine songs that have no weakness and set a new milestone for the band.

The harmonious production must also be emphasized, Magnus Lindberg and van der Waal did a first-class job. The sound is very balanced, earthy and powerful at the same time. In combination with the unforgettable songs, pure enjoyment for the ears

The Shape of Fluidity For me it’s even stronger than the debut and the bar was already very high. DOOL have crossed these and delivered a passionate rock album, which we in Vienna call Wödklasse. I’m still juggling the word masterpiece and already have a clear favorite for album of the year. Awesome 10 / 10

Line Up
Raven van Dorst – Song, Guitar
Nick Polak – Guitar
Omar Iskandr – guitar
Vincent Kreyder – guitar
JB van der Wal – Bass

01. Venus in Flames
02. Self-Dissect
03. The Shape of Fluidity
04. Currents
05. Evil in You
06. House of a Thousand Dreams
07. Hermagorgon
08. Hymn for a Memory Lost
09. The Hand of Creation

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