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“Doraemon: Nobita and the Sky’s Utopia” Beijing premiere, Doraemon cute debut_Guangming.com

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“Doraemon: Nobita and the Sky’s Utopia” Beijing premiere, Doraemon cute debut_Guangming.com

“Doraemon” series 2023 latest movie “Doraemon: Nobita and the Sky’s Utopia” premiered on May 28 in Beijing with the theme of “Looking for Utopia”. Had a great movie-watching moment. The movie will land on theaters across the country simultaneously on June 1, and pre-sales are in full swing.

On the day of the premiere event, Doraemon-related elements and image layouts can be seen everywhere on the scene, and parent-child audiences took photos with them, leaving good memories. In addition, some fans and audiences also distributed homemade small gifts on the spot to express their love for Doraemon. love and support. Before the screening, the protagonist, Doraemon, appeared in the lobby in a new aviator shape, and had friendly interactions with the big and small friends on the scene. Everyone applauded and screamed, and the on-site response was hot. During the interaction in the after-screening hall, the host raised questions about the film, and the children and parents raised their hands to answer them enthusiastically. The overall atmosphere was very lively. In addition, there were many links set up at the scene. Doraemon had interesting interactions with the audience. Its cute movements and reactions made the audience captivated, and they spent a happy time with everyone. In the group photo session with Doraemon at the end, all the audience turned on the flash lights in their mobile phones to form a sea of ​​stars, leaving a perfect ending for the whole premiere.

After watching the movie, the children and their parents shared their feelings and gave the movie a high evaluation. “Doraemon is so cute!” “I was really touched at the end!” “I also want to be like Doraemon, and try to help my friends when they encounter difficulties.” “Very suitable for children to watch, as a parent I am also quite touched.” “Doraemon also allowed me to have a common topic with my children, and shortened the distance between me and my children.”

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At the same time, several Doraemon fans for many years also shared their viewing experience, “This is the best Doraemon movie I have ever seen!” A dream’s friendship is touched.” “I will always support Doraemon in the future!” “I hope to see Doraemon every year on Children’s Day.” From these comments, it can be seen that the film not only has a certain effect on children. The educational significance of the film also allows adults to gain a lot. It is a movie that is very suitable for the whole family to watch together.

As a classic IP, Doraemon theatrical version has met domestic audiences in cinemas for 9 consecutive years. Time Zeppelin, traveling through time and space to find the ideal paradise in the sky, opened a new story of adventure in the sky. In this theatrical version, the audience can not only see the brand-new Doraemon, but also feel the power and importance of friendship through the change of attitude between Doraemon and the new character, the perfect cat-shaped robot Sonia. , and the redefinition of “becoming perfect” has aroused everyone’s new thinking.

The animated film “Doraemon: Nobita and the Sky’s Utopia” is produced by Japan’s SHIN-EI Animation Co., Ltd., imported by China Film Group Corporation, distributed and translated by China Film Corporation. It will be released nationwide on June 1. The pre-sale is in full swing. Doraemon will be watched on Children’s Day. Come to the cinema on Children’s Day and start a new sky adventure with Doraemon! (Zhang Xiaorong)

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