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“Double Detective” wins in detail but can’t save “Bulk Detective” drama review

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The suspenseful web drama “Double Detective” starring and produced by Duan Yihong has been launched recently. The play is well received for its main creative lineup, storyline, and picture quality. However, the multi-line narrative rhythm and overly prominent characters’ lens language make the misty detection process look a bit “bulk” and incoherent.

“Double Detective” is produced by Duan Yihong and starred by Duan Yihong and Dapeng. It tells the story of the kidnapping case of Li Huiyan, a criminal police officer in Beijing, who came to the twin towers in the small northeast city. By chance, he met the enchanter who came to find the truth about the murder of his father. The two are accidentally involved in a story of grievances that spanned 30 years.

The cast of the play has assembled the main lineup of the war drama “My Leader My Group” twelve years ago: “Long” Zhang Guoqiang, “Yu Xiaoqing” Xing Jiadong, “Kang Huosian” Gao Feng, and “Shangguan Jie Ci” Liu Weiwei There are quite heavy scenes in “Double Detective”. The twin tower police played by Zhang Guoqiang and the Beijing police played by Duan Yihong assist each other in handling the case. The tacit understanding and spark between the two add a lot to the whole work.

“Double Detective” has been broadcast, and it has generally received praise in terms of picture and detail processing: Beijing’s hutong life, customs, appearance and design of each character have a strong sense of substitution. Most of the scenes of “Double Detective” were shot in Yanji, a small border town, at minus 19 degrees Celsius, which is the same as the script. Many viewers compare “Double Detective” with “Undocumented Crime” and the overseas drama “Ice Blood Storm”, which were popular a few years ago. The similarities between these works are in the snow and ice. A bloody crime brought the twists and turns and the good and evil of human nature that had been buried for thirty years into a dramatic tension.

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Duan Yihong, who played the role of a criminal policeman in the excellent crime suspense work “Scorching Sun”, became the main reason why many people followed “Double Detective”: from the market gas of installing flush toilets at home when he appeared on the scene, to staying in the ice and snow for investigation, A three-dimensional police character Li Huiyan leaped in front of him. During an interview with the media, Yihong said: “I have been looking for Li Huiyan since the shooting started. His story took place in a cold and remote town, which also gave us a lot of inspiration. The shooting was always in a low temperature environment. The actor will subconsciously want to grill the fire, warm it up, and continue acting. But I told the director that this must not be done, the characters must not be distorted, and the “warm air” of the RV cannot be carried. I am very pleased with this persistence. We did it, maintaining the texture of the character’s location and time.”

Except for Duan Yihong, most of the actors in the play have used acting skills to create flesh and blood characters. However, compared with the popular “White Night Chase” and “Undocumented Crimes” a few years ago, the shortcoming of “Double Detective” is that the suspense part is weak, not only the logical analysis and reasoning required in such dramas. It pales in comparison, and the multi-line narrative method also makes the story somewhat scattered. In different clues, the main characters’ life details and inner activities are described too much, which dilutes the original compactness and logical cohesion of the plot. During the viewing process, sometimes I don’t know whether we should pay attention to the growth of the characters or the detection of the case.

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For film and television works, the characters are part of the whole, but when the script is lacking, a high-quality suspense drama can be produced without “intentions”. Only the characters are prominent and the details are excellent, which may not be able to make a film A great genre drama that is complimented by the mouth. (Our reporter Qiu Wei)


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