Home Entertainment Douyin “Baichuan Variety Season” officially announced the guest lineup of 6 sub-programs with 40+ stars contracting laughs and tears-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

Douyin “Baichuan Variety Season” officially announced the guest lineup of 6 sub-programs with 40+ stars contracting laughs and tears-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

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Douyin “Baichuan Variety Season” officially announced the guest lineup of 6 sub-programs with 40+ stars contracting laughs and tears-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

Source title: Douyin “Baichuan Variety Season” officially announced the guest lineup of 6 sub-programs with 40+ stars contracting laughs and tears

On August 9, produced by Douyin, co-produced by Beijing Satellite TV, Henan Satellite TV, and Jiangsu Satellite TV, Junlebao Xiaoxiao Luban Children’s Milk Powder was exclusively named and jointly sponsored by Nippon Paint “Baichuan Variety Season” officially announced the lineup of artists and guests.

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The list of nearly 40 permanent guests in the six sub-programs will be broadcast on the official Weibo of “Baichuan Variety Season” at one time. There are not only popular new-generation idols such as Liu Yuxin and Wang Yuan, but also variety shows familiar to the audience.” “Familiar faces” Da Zhang Wei and Yang Di are strong. In addition, there is also a lineup of mysterious flying guests being loaded, and “Baichuan Variety Season” will be officially launched on Douyin at 12:00 noon on August 12. Exciting and constant, keep watching!

“Comedian +” guest group “laugh” fruit leads to expectations

As the first sub-program of “Hundred Rivers Variety Season”, “Baichuan Civilization Technique” will be the first to meet the audience on August 12. The show is a word-guessing variety show that combines Chinese language culture and sci-fi themes. The three resident guests, Da Zhangwei, Tan Zhuo, and Wang Zijian, will play the role of aliens from Jidouxing who take a spacecraft to the earth. This starts a large-scale immersive word guessing game. There are ups and downs in the plot, as well as super cool makeup and dance. When the “peculiar stalks” Da Zhangwei and the “eating by mouth” Wang Zijian meet Tan Zhuo, the “cold acting school”, “Hundred River Civilizations” will be full of expectations.

In the face of the emotional pressure and emotional predicament of the current society, the immersive decompression “Baichuan Kedouzhen” is enough to drive away all these bad emotions in the guest lineup. “Skip Queen” Cai Ming, excellent singing and dancing Liu Wei with a great sense of humor, and Wang Yaoqing, who repeatedly dances between the domineering president and the comedian, must have prepared many funny guests for the audience in the show. famous scene. In addition, the addition of musician Bai Jugang and GEM Deng Ziqi, who is incarnated as Gloria, who is experiencing diverse lives in the three worlds of paradise, wasteland and reality, will also bring more unknown surprises to this healing journey. In addition to the “laugh” fruitful guest lineup, the multi-scene immersive decompression game will also lead the audience to a happy party and help drive away emo emotions.

Nostalgic golden songs VS popular new songs to find the musical power of different eras

In “Baichuan Variety Season”, “Baichuan Music Time and Space”, which brings together many good voices and focuses on the aesthetic differences of intergenerational music, can be said to be “sound and light”. Huang Qishan, Ouyang Nana, Ren Xianqi, Wang Yuan, Zhou Hui, Zheng Jun, Zhan Wenting and Zhang Xinzhe are three generations of singers, each of whom has a series of well-known masterpieces. They will hide their identities and perform their classic songs face-to-face to a generational audience. Hu Haiquan, Jike Junyi, Ma Tianyu, Wang Yuan, Yang Di and Zhang Yadong, who are in the observation group, will also interpret the emotional reactions of amateurs from their respective fields of expertise. Exactly what kind of cross-time and space music exchange caused the scene to cry frequently. Can the program team use this intergenerational music experiment to dig out high-quality golden songs that meet the aesthetics of two generations of listeners? The answer is in the film, so stay tuned!

Different from “Baichuan Music Time and Space”, “Baichuan College Voices” with the theme of “inter-school hegemony” focuses on contemporary “young voices”. The theme of the program is “inter-school hegemony”. Jiao Maiqi, Li Jian, Liu Yuxin, Tan Weiwei, Wang Yuan, and Zhou Bichang have changed their traditional mentor identities and become seniors and sisters to lead six college teams in the inter-school music competition. What is the attitude of contemporary college students towards music? What kind of experience is it to perform in a team with a star senior and senior sister? When passionate college students represent their alma mater and compete on the same stage through music performances, what kind of wonderful stage will they bring? Let us look forward to the official broadcast of the program, return to the original intention of the campus, feel the youthful blood, and find the youthful memories buried in our hearts!

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Fantasy fantasy VS real life to explore the meaning of different stages of life

In addition to the well-behaved “A-side life”, have you ever thought about our “B-side life”, which may be a life regret that cannot be made up, or a huge brain hole that is divorced from reality? In “Hundred Rivers Rhapsody”, which combines the main sitcom and variety show, Bridge, Lang Lang, Liu Wei, Liu Yan, Li Zhiting, VaVa Mao Yanqi, Xue Zhiqian, Yang Di and other show guests escaped from their real identities. In the musical sitcom that I imagined, I experienced a long-awaited “crazy life”. Want to know what unfulfilled life wishes of celebrity guests? You may wish to look forward to the official broadcast of the program, get unlimited joy in the fantasy world, and find new possibilities in life!

In “Old Friends of Baichuan”, which focuses on the social interaction of middle-aged and elderly people, the middle-aged and elderly single people will start their second “youth” accompanied by their children! Four guests of different ages and occupational backgrounds – Ni Ping, Yang Di, Yi Lijing, and Zhao Xiaotang will become intergenerational observers, follow the steps of the amateur guests, and find the excitement of the second half of life together. Faced with the topic of “Twilight Love” and the intergenerational relationship, Ni Ping, the representative of the “older generation” who is known for his warm hosting style, and Zhao Xiaotang, the representative of the lively and straightforward “new generation”, how will they speak on behalf of their peers from their own perspective? And what kind of sparks will Yi Lijing, a reporter famous for his sharp interview style, meet Yang Di, a “variety show laughter maker”? Let us follow their footsteps to witness how middle-aged and elderly people can find their own happiness again?

Whether it is the selection of the subject matter or the selection of the guests, the six sub-programs of “Baichuan Variety Season” have made great efforts. They not only carefully crafted the content during the creation process, but also pursued a high degree of matching between the characteristics of each star and the theme of the program, and strived to achieve a better program. The best results, more exciting highlights, and closer to the audience’s life. The nearly 40 guests announced in this centralized official announcement do not include the flying guests in each sub-program. It is believed that with the launch of the six sub-programs, more flying guests will be exposed one after another.

At 12:00 noon on Friday, August 12th, the first sub-program of “Baichuan Variety Season” will be launched on Douyin on time. With the broadcast of the program, there will be more fresh and interesting content landing on the Douyin platform on time every Friday at 12:00, and broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV, Henan Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Xigua Video, Fresh Time TV, Today’s Toutiao, Douyin Volcano Edition, Douyin Extreme Edition and other major platforms have been launched one after another. Let us expect the guests of the show to lead the audience to break the boundaries of time and space, experience the “variety life”, and experience a better life in fantasy, funny sharing, and passionate competition. Variety show Baichuan, I like it!

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