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“Douyin Summer Song Party” set sail today to start a summer limited music tour jqknews

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“Douyin Summer Song Party” set sail today to start a summer limited music tour jqknews

This summer is extremely hot, but it can’t suppress people’s desire and enthusiasm for music. Summer and carnival are only a midsummer song party.

Along with everyone’s restless musical soul, the annual Douyin Summer Song Festival is also coming as scheduled. The first live online concert will be officially launched on August 6th, and let’s go to the summer appointment with music together with everyone. Find beautiful music and romantic moments exclusive to summer!

  Powerful singers will join the music feast heavily this summer

In summer, there is nothing more exciting than music! Judging from the official promotional video released on August 2, this year’s Douyin Summer Song will invite singers such as Zhou Shen, Wang Sulong, and Liang Jingru to sing. The three singers issued an invitation to “I miss you in my summer” in the film, and will take fans on a “summer limited” musical journey one after another. In addition, it is reported that this summer there is a super mysterious lineup worth looking forward to.

Zhou Shen, the “Little Bailing” who has just passed the 8th anniversary of his debut, will come with his own brand new stage. “The people who used to be on the journey will never change their original intentions” – he has always maintained a pure heart on the road of music, and he uses music to encourage thousands of young people to keep their original intention of exploring and pursuing a better life. This summer, Zhou Shen will use his unique beautiful and pure voice to open the online live concert[Thinking of Your “Deep” Side]bringing a different summer cure.

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Wang Sulong, a “strength singer-songwriter” who has created countless hits, will broadcast the concert live on the[Big Entertainer]online through the conceptual interpretation of the film in this Douyin Summer Song, answering his own writing. Growth and attitude, bringing the audience a unique audio-visual experience with musical depth.

Liang Jingru, the “Queen of Love Songs” in the Chinese music scene, will return with a warm heart this summer. She will return with a generation of youth. The familiar melody and warm and delicate voice can not only arouse young people to find youthful resonance, but also create a different look[Quiet Summer]theme limited memories!

  The new upgrade of Douyin Summer Song Club 2.0 invites you to share a new music audiovisual experience

In addition to the strong lineup of singers, Douyin has also made a new upgrade in user participation and interactive gameplay for the summer song festival.

It is understood that this year, Douyin continues to explore a new model of online live concerts, combining the immersion and presence of offline performances with the fun and participation of online live broadcasts. Before the live broadcast, users can receive exclusive commemorative “limited tickets” for each performance, participate in the wish list, unlock song party props and encore tracks, and participate in singer challenges. In the live broadcast, use the support props unlocked in the early stage, listen to the songs that made a wish in person, and watch such a performance co-created and completed by yourself.

The live broadcast also breaks through the traditional monotonous viewing experience. When watching the concert, fans can choose people who have common memories and music resonance with them, join the “watch together” mode at any time, and get an immersive viewing experience of real-time sharing. , simulating the joy of having an offline performance and having a carnival with friends. After the live broadcast, the singer and the fans who like it will also jointly generate a group photo poster, so that the fans can have an exclusive and unforgettable group photo. Through the above user participation before, during and after the live broadcast of the song party, fans can experience the live broadcast of the song party through an immersive sense of the trinity of music, interaction and atmosphere, and construct their own music social space!

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Since last summer, Douyin has continued to create an online music IP called “Summer Song Club”, and met users on time again in the summer after a year. Ignite everyone’s enthusiasm for music, awaken people to find more self in music, and achieve a better self!

2022 Douyin Summer Song Party, I want you to come to my summer, this summer to Douyin, no worries, only songs!

At 8 pm on August 6th, the first Zhou Shen[Thinking of your “Shen” side]live online concert will start on time. Do you want to know what kind of surprises Shen Shen will bring? Go to Douyin and search for[Summer Song Club]to make an appointment for live broadcast. Please look forward to this summer from August to September! Let’s watch the summer song together!

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