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Douyin’s 2021 song list released, “Mohe Ballroom”, “Wanjiang” and others are on the charts_TOM News

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2021 is gone, and more and more annual inventory lists have been released one after another. Recently, Douyin announced the 2021 song list, with a total of 16 songs on the chart. Among them, Karen Mok’s “So Many People in This World“, Li Yugang’s “Wanjiang”, Liu Shuang’s “Mohe Ballroom”, Su Xingjie’s “The Wind Blows Eight Thousand Miles” and the Phoenix Legend “Under the Sea (live)” and other popular songs have made the charts. Long time no see”, “Dangerous Party”, “Red Lips”, “Flower, Sun, Rainbow, You” and many other rap songs are also on the charts.

Some of the songs on the chart may be unfamiliar to everyone, but when the climax sounds, many people may be surprised to find that they have heard them. Among them, “STAY” has more than 697,000 usage on Douyin, “Undersea” has more than 527,000 usage, and “Love is One Word” and “Only” are used in more than 4 million videos. The topics “Long Time No See”, “Wind Blows a Summer” and “Mood” have been viewed 1.41 billion times, 1.07 billion times and 570 million times respectively.

At the end of 2021, “Mohe Dance Hall”, which suddenly became popular on the whole Internet, was also selected as the Tik Tok song of the year. The song was composed based on the poignant story of Zhang Dequan (a pseudonym), a solo dancer in the old-style dance hall of Mohe, and his poignant story of losing his wife in the fire. After “Mohe Ballroom” became popular, its streaming media daily broadcast exceeded 10 million, and it was on the TOP1 list of QQ Music and NetEase Music Hot Search, and dominated the charts for a week. Musician Liu Shuang also became famous overnight.

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“I really love you, every sentence is not easy.” The music “One and Only”, which the Taiwanese Orchestra told the five people, also resonated with a large number of netizens on the Douyin platform. Netizens use song templates for follow-up shoots. Hot #I really love you once became the TOP10 hot spot on Douyin. With the popularity of the song, five people have also settled in Douyin, and the first video of the station has attracted 130,000 fans within 6 hours.

In addition, the red song “Wanjiang”, a red song dedicated to the centuries of the founding of the party, is reported to have accumulated more than 4 million contributions on Douyin, and it has been widely sung. The song “red lips” by the rap musician Sha Yiting EL, with its brisk rap melody, has also triggered a wave of singing among young people on the Douyin platform.

The rise of short videos and live broadcasts has added massive scenes for the creation and application of music. More and more musicians have grasped the popular aesthetic characteristics and personalized expression needs of the video age, and have created more and more “golden songs” that are widely popular in short videos. Nowadays, more and more high-quality songs are seen on Douyin, and it has become possible for niche musicians to become famous overnight through Douyin.


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