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“Dr. Night: Möbius” reveals new special feature Leto reveals the origins of Möbius, which will be released worldwide from 1.19 next year_MARV

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Original title: “Dr. Night: Móbías” reveals new special series Leto reveals the origin of Móbías, will be released worldwide from 1.19 next year

Sohu Entertainment News. Recently, the dark superhero movie “Doctor Dark Night: Mobius”, jointly produced by Sony Pictures and Marvel Pictures and adapted from Marvel Comics, exposed the “Dark Origins” special, and the Oscar winner Jie Reid Leto personally acted as a commentator, revealing the most unusual dark superhero Mobias in the Marvel universe. At the same time, it also announced the heavy news that the new preview is about to be launched, so stay tuned for more surprises.

“Dr. Night: Mobius” was created by the gold medal production team of the two super-popular movie series “Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition” and “Venom: Deadly Guardian”, which have accumulated a total of 14 billion US dollars in the box office. The big screen is unprecedented. The role of Wei was shocked. Famous director Daniel Espinosa (“Awakening of the Alien”) directed by Jared Leto (“Blade Runner 2049”, “Dallas Buyers Club”), will start on January 19, 2022 It is shown on the big screens all over the world.

Master Leto reveals the origin of Mobias, an unprecedented Marvel character debut

In the “Dark Origin” special released this time, Mobius’s actor Jared Leto personally appeared as a commentator, introducing the origin story of the most alternative dark superhero in the Marvel universe to the audience. In the process of searching for a cure for the eradication of rare diseases, the talented and talented Dr. Michael Mobias accidentally transformed into a terrifying hunter with superior ability. However, at the same time that the terminal illness was cured, Michael Mobias’s inner darkness was released, and he became the “Dr. Night” who is both righteous and evil. Jared Leto, who played Marvel’s superhero for the first time, also said that the film “presents an unprecedented Marvel role on the big screen”, which will bring unlimited possibilities to the future.

The special edition released this time also initially demonstrated the various super abilities of Mobius, stronger power, faster speed, more magical sensory abilities, and super surprise unlocking of many skills. Jared Leto said that “this character has many intense action scenes.” In the screen, it can be seen that the transformed Mobias can not only easily destroy the wall, but even the bullets can easily dodge it. However, Mobias, who possesses superpowers, can’t seem to control his inner desires. Why is he detained? Why did you run away? Where does the organization that carry live ammunition come from? At the end of the special episode, it was officially announced that the new trailer was about to be launched. This news undoubtedly aroused the strong expectations of fans. It is worth mentioning that in the comics, Michael Mobias is one of Spider-Man’s rivals. What kind of possibilities the movie will unlock for everyone has really stunned the appetite of movie fans. Stay tuned for more surprises.

Oscar’s best male avatar, Dr. Dark Night’s tens of billions of dollars gold medal team production

According to the Marvel comics setting, Mobias is a genius biochemist suffering from a rare blood disease. In order to treat himself, he and his friends cured themselves by extracting DNA from vampire bats and shock therapy with electric shocks through illegal experiments. However, the side effects of the experiment caused him to undergo a series of physical and facial changes, and he possessed a variety of unprecedented superpowers. Mobius actor Jared Leto starred in a Marvel superhero movie for the first time. The gloomy and mysterious actor image fits perfectly with Mobius’s characteristics of good and evil. In the “Dark Origin” special, he said, “I like to try some different characters.” The role of Marvel’s new dark superhero also allows him to give full play to his superb acting skills. On the one hand, he is a healer who relieves life, and on the other is a monster who longs for blood. This complex character that wanders between good and evil perfectly shows the outstanding performance Reid Leto’s ability to shape characters. In addition, Jared Leto perfectly presents the two character states of Dr. Mobias when he is terminally ill and strong after being transformed. The obvious body changes are particularly noticeable, which shows his handling of the character. Control.

As a Marvel superhero movie at the beginning of 2022, “Dr. Night: Mobius” is composed of two super-popular movie series, “Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition” and “Venom: Deadly Guardian”, which created a total of 14 billion US dollars at the box office. The gold medal production team is heavily built, which will once again present the shocking experience of the wonderful superhero blockbusters. Directed by the famous director Daniel Espinosa (“Alien Awakens”), Oscar winner Jared Leto (“Blade Runner 2049”, “Dallas Buyers Club”) starring, Adrie Ya Horner (“Pacific Rim: Reappearance of Thunder”), Matt Smith (“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”), Jared Harris (“League of Spy”), Tyrese Gibson (” Fast and Furious 8″) and other famous Hollywood actors co-starring. It will be shown on the global big screen from January 19, 2022.Return to Sohu to see more


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