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DR phenomenon, record growth continues

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ROME – DR Automobiles Groupe continues on its growth path. The model family is expanding and sales for the Macchia d’Isernia house are growing dramatically, which in November set a new record for registrations. Comparing the data with the same month of 2019 (for an objective comparison before the pandemic), the increase is even equal to 512% while it is 107% for the 11 months of 2019. Although compared with the pandemic year, the Italian brand recorded significant growth, with + 161.92% on November 2020 and + 140.13% on the period January-November 2020, thanks to the 7,533 DR and Evo units registered since the beginning of the year.

The good sales trend will lead to the close of 2021 with over eight thousand registered units estimated. With the excellent start at the end of October, the DR 4.0 confirms itself as the best-selling model of the DR range, which has registered 610 registrations overall, while 511 are those Evo thanks to the long-lived Evo 5 and the Evo 3 still in great evidence.

Meanwhile, the communication campaign “You can’t have everything in life” continues, which will see the commercial of the new DR 5.0 added to those of DR 3 and DR 4.0. The new model, launched last June at Mimo, will be available from mid-January, and will be followed by that of the top-of-the-range DR 6.0. It should also be noted that the Evo 5 will continue to be offered in promotion with a scrapping contribution of 1,000 euros from the parent company and the arrival of a pick-up and a 4.77-meter mid SUV is expected over the next year. (maurilio rigo)


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