Home Entertainment Draghi wants a ceiling on Renzi’s culture bonus: “We give money to the rich for books and then they spend 500 euros for a dinner”

Draghi wants a ceiling on Renzi’s culture bonus: “We give money to the rich for books and then they spend 500 euros for a dinner”

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ROME. With the Council of Ministers closed and the maneuver passed, Mario Draghi will only have to wait and understand what the parties in Parliament will do with the Budget Law. Yes, because the list of points of the maneuver still pending that risk souring the discussion between the parties are not few. Proof of this is yesterday’s control room, with the heads of delegations and the economic leaders of the majority forces. . Several times, in the course of yesterday’s control room, the premier unlined lightning and cutting jokes to make it clear how he thinks about the various chapters of the financial. Like when the economic manager of Italia Viva Luigi Marattin tries to defend the 18app bonus, wanted by Matteo Renzi for the cultural expenses of the neighbors. For Draghi, an ISEE ceiling must be set, which would exclude those with high incomes and certainly do not need the aid of the state to buy books, go to the cinema or to the theater. Marattin wants to convince him that “even a rich man”, perhaps, “can’t buy a book” and with the bonus he has an incentive to do so. “Yes – is Draghi’s answer – But in the meantime, maybe, he spends 500 euros for one evening for dinner”. Even the Minister of Public Administration of Forza Italia, Renato Brunetta, passes through the premier’s irony when he tries to plead the cause of the senior executives connected to the PNRR. Brunetta would like an exception to the ceiling of the maximum salary foreseen in the public. Draghi dedicates the time to a joke: «Unless they are professional figures as suppliers of sapphires… let’s try a little».

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The Minister of Labor Orlando remains convinced that the social safety nets must be extended to everyone, even to small traders. A proposal that struggles to be digested by the Treasury, where they consider it a favor to the unions, and a risk for evasion. Draghi is perplexed and during the control room he asks to work on tighter controls to avoid that black is encouraged through the reckless use of the layoffs, as unfortunately happened during Covid. This is one example. Another: as announced, the cashback dear to Giuseppe Conte is not in maneuver and the citizen’s income should have a décalage, a decrease in the allowance, after a set period of six months. The premier has to deal with the discontent of his majority but he is more concerned that the tight deadlines of the agenda shared with the EU are respected. For this reason, together with the budget law, last night he put on the table the Competition decree, the latest of the reforms to which the European money of the NRP is bound.

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