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Dragon TV’s “Breakout” is set for October 21st, a super lineup focused on the reform of state-owned enterprises_Jin Dong

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Original title: Dragon TV’s “Breakthrough” is set for October 21st, the super lineup focuses on the reform of state-owned enterprises

Screenplay by Zhou Meisen, directed by Shen Yan, Liu Haibo, starring Jin Dong, Yan Ni, Huang Zhizhong, special starring Chen Xiao, Qin Lan, Geng Le, Tian Lei, Huang Pinyuan, Pan Zhilin, etc. The reality TV series “Breakout” is announced. Dragon TV’s Oriental Theater will broadcast two episodes every night at 19:30 starting from October 21st.

The play tells the story of Qi Ben’an (Jin Dong), a state-owned enterprise cadre who was in danger, united the cadres and the masses, strengthened the construction of party style and clean government, restored the lost state-owned assets, and led the enterprise to successfully break through the difficult business situation. The finalized trailers and group portrait posters exposed today also revealed the exciting investigation process and the fierce confrontation between different camps.

The fixed file preview shows the “Beijing” storm

“Breakout” group portraits gather together

The preview of “Breakout” released today has a compact structure and interlocking suspense. Qi Ben’an (Jin Dong)’s continuous questioning and suspenseful dialogue add a sense of tension and mystery; a huge amount of money that is unknown. Intertwined with scenes such as explosions and rescues shock the audience’s senses. The characters have their own minds, and the drama conflicts are about to emerge. What kind of sharp and complicated contradictions are hidden behind this? Can the five hundred million be retrieved? “Under the leadership of the party, we have created today’s brilliance by creating and struggling. When we are in place, we must seek governance.” Whether the representative of justice Qi Ben’an can get rid of the cloud and reappear the bright breeze, arousing the expectation of the audience. curious.

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In addition, the group portrait poster released at the same time more completely revealed the super lineup of the show. In addition to the starring roles of Jin Dong, Yan Ni, Chen Xiao, Huang Zhizhong, Qin Lan, Geng Le, Tian Lei, Huang Pinyuan, Pan Zhilin, etc., the old actors and the new generation of powerful actors of “Chinese Opera Familiar Faces” also appear in a line on the screen. middle. Many powerful actors such as Xi Meijuan, Wang Jingchun, Gao Xin, Han Tongsheng, Gao Ming, Hou Minghao, Zhang Meng, Chen Jin, Hao Ping, Feng Jiayi, Li Hongtao, Tu Songyan, Dai Luwa, Qin Yan, Ding Yongdai, Wang Yang, Full Stop and many other powerful actors are also featured in the plot. The splendor added many highlights.

Focus on state-owned enterprises reforming society and people’s livelihood

Annual realism boutique highlights creative responsibility

As a realist work, the TV series “Breakthrough” analyzes the current economic phenomenon in China. Through the hardships and achievements of state-owned enterprises in the new era, they carry major topics related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. Not only that, but the drama series also reflects the demeanor of our party’s era of advancing great undertakings and realizing great ideals under the conditions of the new era since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and promoting the revolutionary ideals and communist spirit of the Communists.

The series uses a unique processing method to present the theme through the parallel and intersecting multi-line narratives of history and reality, different circles of characters, and presents a very prominent content and style with a distinctive character and a tortuous storyline. Repertoire. “Breakthrough” confronts the truth of society directly, takes the reform of state-owned enterprises as the main perspective, and adopts a relatively straight-forward personal perspective. The image of party members and the masses in the development of painstaking efforts.

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