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Dragon TV’s “City of Philharmonic” top ten released Li Ziting tears on the scene_Entertainment Channel_China Youth Network

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  Dragon TV’s “City of Philharmonic” top ten released Yu Yueyue “breakthrough by rocket”, Li Ziting shed tears on the scene

“Whether we want to leave or continue to run, we will meet again on the stage in the future…” The strong players will definitely be happy and sad: At 21:20 on July 1 (this Friday), Dragon TV will create a nationwide The first musical cultural promotion program “City of Philharmonic” will usher in the second half of the “Top Ten Promotion Competition”, which will be presented by the official video broadcast platform, Baishi TV.

In the sparkling performance, the musical actors fully demonstrated their understanding of the characters and stories, and gave full play to their singing and dancing abilities. And at the moment when they were destined to leave, whether it was a successful promotion or a regretful departure, they all met on stage to meet again, “Fight side by side, for the spring of Chinese musicals!”

  Yu Yueyue’s “Princess” becomes “Old Mother”

  Da Zhangwei praised Ye Qisheng as “like a wolf”

In the first half of the “Top Ten Promotion Competition”, five actors Jiang Qianru, Ju Hongchuan, Xia Zhenkai, Zhang Huifang, and Zhang Weilun successfully reached the top ten. Who can grab the remaining five places? In this episode of the program, clips from the four works of “The Hidden Corner”, “Elizabeth”, “Smoke” and “Disqualification in the World” were staged, and the actors also overcame many difficulties to present stunning performances.

Among them, Guo Yaorong and Ye Qisheng teamed up to bring “Elizabeth” adapted from the German musical. In order to better present the awakening of the heroine “Princess Sissi”, the two spent a lot of time in dance rehearsal, and the process of trying to lift and lower the waist was even more tacit. In Guo Yaorong’s view, it is his dream to play the role of such a big heroine; Ye Qisheng also admitted that this is his first choice, and his superb performance was described by Da Zhangwei as “like a horse” Wolf”, his eyes filled with a sharp feeling.

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In the excerpt of “The Hidden Corner”, Yu Yueyue temporarily accepted the adjustment to play Zhu Chaoyang’s mother Zhou Chunhong. She only had 4 days of rehearsal time. This difficult challenge made her laugh at herself, “I want to break through. But now it’s a breakthrough by a rocket”, and even watched a lot of quarrel videos on the Internet, trying to feel the fierce confrontation between the two mothers for their children.

The wonderful performances of Yu Yueyue and Liu Yixuan finally made the “Philharmonic Support Group” full of praise. Zhang Yuqi bluntly said that she was “in tears”, and Ayunga lamented that Yu Yueyue lost the burden of “the princess” and became a “princess”. A vixen with love”, Liao Changyong expressed regret that he didn’t take the initiative to encourage Yu Yueyue to accept the challenge, “As a teacher, I should encourage students to challenge roles that don’t seem very safe. Now that you have done it, I am very happy for you. “Because of the great emotional ups and downs of the work, the “Philharmonic Support Group”, music director An Dong and others had a heated discussion on “whether to be in tune or to perform”, Huang Shujun couldn’t help feeling that this might be “the top ten qualifying competition” “The works with the strongest depth and breadth of discussion.

  Li Ziting burst into tears for “too beautiful”

  The top ten are released and meet at the theater. See you again

“Smoke” is a romantic and poetic musical work inspired by the serialized work “Urban View” No. 15 by the poet Li Box. This selection brings together Cai Qi, Li Weiling, and Cao Muzhi, and uses three different characters to symbolize the three sides of Li Box’s character. Surprisingly, the performance of the three was well received by the “Philharmonic Support Group”. Ayunga praised Cai Qi’s melancholy and poetic feeling, and Cao Muzhi’s controlling performance was just right. Da Zhangwei described finding resonance with Li Weiling, “I only saw Weiling in the whole play.”

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In contrast, “Disqualification in the World” co-produced by Li Ziting and Hu Di is also extremely challenging. Especially to play the plain-looking, humble and pitiful Hengzi, Li Ziting not only pondered the extremely difficult Chinese lines, but also achieved breakthroughs in makeup. When asked if the image was “too beautiful”, she couldn’t help crying on the spot, and Zhang Yuqi encouraged her to make a big breakthrough. Zhang Yuqi said that because she is “too beautiful”, she is considered to be at a distance from some characters, which is a problem she will also encounter when performing. “But being willing to be close to the characters and willing to give up appearance is worthy of encouragement.”

Although each actor has his own strengths, ten actors still had to leave the stage with regret after the performance of all the repertoires of the “Top Ten Promotion Competition”. In this regard, the “Philharmonic Support Group” couldn’t hide it. Da Zhangwei said frankly that he saw “the beauty of concentrating on himself” in these musical actors, and “I also want to learn from you.” Ayunga was particularly sad about the departure of his brothers and sisters, choked up and said, “We’ll see you at the theater”, while Liao Changyong said that the career of Chinese musicals is full of sunshine, “You all worked hard to burn yourself, this is a good lesson.”

On the occasion of parting, ten actors also gave their testimonials. Some of them bluntly said that they enjoyed the “dream-fulfillment journey”, some said that they “had a good time”, some said that they were “getting closer to their dreams”, and some were proud of always insisting on trying to break through themselves. Who regrets that “Tucao” never played with any actor on the stage of “The City of Philharmonic”? And who was the one who took the initiative to write songs and sang their blessings to each other in the company of the actors? Whether they stay or leave, the most important thing for those who stick to the stage of Chinese musicals is to meet again in the theater and on the stage in the future. Let people see the determination of the musicians to keep making progress.

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